Deep cleaning of carpets in Calgary: Top Carpet Cleaning Calgary Services

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Steam cleaning of carpets: Carpet Stain Elimination

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetics and comfort of your home, seeking the best carpet cleaning service is an essential step. Over time, stains, allergens and dust mites are bound to accumulate in your carpets, making them less appealing and potentially unhealthy for your family. 

Why select us over other carpet cleaners? Oxy-Genie does not leave your carpets looking and smelling fresh—we go the extra mile. Our deep carpet cleaning offers more than just a superficial clean. Our professional cleaning approach penetrates deep into the fibre of your carpets, eliminating the toughest stains and extending your carpet’s lifespan. Our skilled technicians utilize a unique combination of Eco-friendly solutions and advanced chem-dry techniques to provide incomparable carpet cleaning results.

If you have children or pets, an unclean carpet could mean a compromised living environment for them. Relying on experienced Calgary carpet cleaners like Oxy-Genie ensures a healthier environment for your loved ones. Using our green cleaning solutions, our technicians can reach every corner of your carpet, removing the toughest stains and ensuring no spot is missed.

Our commitment to delivering excellent service is evident in the continuous positive customer reviews we receive. Our customers in Calgary city are all praises for our reliable and efficient carpet cleaning service. We vouch for our top-quality rug cleansing that leaves carpets thoroughly cleaned and your home fresher than ever. Comparing us to other Calgary Chem-Free services, our clients believe we provide the most comprehensive and efficient service.

Deep cleaning of carpets in Calgary: Top Carpet Cleaning Calgary

  1. We take pride in offering more than just regular carpet spot removal. We are known as the leading experts in the field of high heat steam cleaning for carpets, a service often overlooked in professional Calgary carpet cleaning. Our approach is not your typical quick-dry service. Instead, we have developed a comprehensive system that guarantees your rugs are cleaned and left spotless, providing you with nothing less than excellence in soil extraction.
  2. Our team of proficient rug cleaners are not just service providers but are experienced masters with years of practice under their belts. We have the expertise to clean rugs, carpets, and anything else you need with unparalleled attention to detail. Our commitment to perfecting our system over the years is evident from when our cleaners arrive at your doorstep to the final inspection.
  3. So, what does our floor fabric cleaning regimen entail? We use the oxygenation cleaning method, which is superior to the standard Calgary carpet freshness restorations service. This method removes all the dust and allergens from your rugs without damaging the delicate fabric. The result is professionally cleaned carpets that look as good as new and a service that surpasses any other soil extraction.
  4. Whether you need the best carpet or floor covering sanitation service, always remember that we are not just experts in wool care. We are also experts in creating a clean, healthy, and safe home environment for your family.

Getting More Value: Benefiting from Steam Cleaning for Rugs

If you’re in Calgary and seeking excellent textile floor treatment, look no further than Oxy-Genie! We are a depot home for premium rug cleaners who go above and beyond to ensure your cleaned rugs look and feel as good as new. Our steaming wand of highly effective cleaning solutions and modern technology always delivers exceptional cleaning results.

At Oxy-Genie, we offer a comprehensive cleaning menu featuring various services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a silk Persian rug or a wool oriental rug, we cater to all types. Our highly trained professionals use an Eco-friendly solution that is gentle on your rugs but tough on dirt and grime. We meticulously clean, pre-vacuuming loose soil before applying our safe, green, non-toxic cleaning agent that lifts and removes embedded dirt.

Our expert team, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, cleans your rug with utmost care and precision, following every fibre’s grain – ensuring no residue is left behind. This detailed approach allows us to provide top-notch carpet cleaning services, respecting the individuality of each rug and preserving its unique characteristics.



Expertise That Delivers: Trust Calgary’s Top Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Regarding providing top-notch steam cleaning for textile flooring in Calgary, our expertise at Oxy-Genie is second to none. We know you’re looking for skilled carpet cleaners who can do the job professionally and efficiently. This is where we rise above the rest – offering you expert manpower that guarantees rug and steam cleaning for carpet excellence.

At Oxy-Genie, we’re proud to be Calgary’s carpet cleaners of choice. Our team embodies a high level of professionalism, evident in our top-of-the-line steam cleaning services. We pride ourselves on integrating the optimal blend of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and forward-thinking methodologies to ensure an unmatched clean every time.

Our services extend beyond simple carpet stain elimination. As Calgary’s rug cleaners, we specialize in tailor-made solutions for each rug we handle. We understand that each rug reflects its unique characteristics, and our approach mirrors this understanding, ensuring your beloved rugs return to their original vibrancy.

Wondering how our stellar care compares to others, like cleaners in town? Rest assured, when it comes to comprehensive carpet care in Calgary, the level of advantage we provide remains unparalleled. We understand each Calgary client has unique needs, preferences, and budgets. Thus, we extend bespoke solutions that meet these specific needs head-on, delivering top-tier services at competitive rates.

The cost remains a paramount factor when seeking cleaning services. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden charges to ensure you feel comfortable. We provide a precise cost estimate before starting the job – there are zero surprises with us!

We believe that excellence should permeate all aspects of our service. So, when you choose us for your steam cleaning and carpet dirt extraction needs in Calgary, Alberta, you can select a service that consistently delivers brilliance and satisfaction. Our system guarantees that the cleanliness of your textile flooring and rugs is nothing short of outstanding every single time. Trust Oxy-Genie to do the job right in Calgary and the surrounding areas!

Calgary’s Rug Cleaning Professionals: Ensuring the Best Care for Your Rugs

Regarding carpet shampooing in Calgary, having experienced, proficient rug cleaners is vital. At Oxy-Genie fibre revitalization, we ensure the best care for your rugs, setting us a cut above all in Calgary’s cleaning scene. Every one of our technicians is skilled, well-versed, and committed to delivering incomparable rug and carpet cleaning services.

Our signature method sets us apart: a delicate balance of advanced equipment and technical expertise. For carpet and rug upkeep, Calgary’s smart-minded homeowners trust us, thanks to our consistent delivery of remarkable results and our focus on preserving your textile flooring and rugs.

Our highly skilled technicians go the extra mile, treating each rug with individualized care and attention. Each rug is thoroughly cleaned, restoring its vibrancy, freshness, and cozy feel under your feet. And we don’t just stop at textile floor treatment; we have the proficiency to clean all types of rugs. Be it delicate Persian Rugs, sturdy synthetic rugs, or chic natural fibre ones; our expertise ensures outstanding cleaning.

Unlike some other deep cleaning of carpets in Calgary that might rely solely on equipment, Oxy-Genie believes in the power of experience and knowledge. Our technicians undergo extensive training to learn the nuances of different kinds of rugs, the appropriate cleaning methods, and the best practices to ensure their longevity.

Contrary to popular belief, textile sanitation differs from routine homeowners vacuumiong. Calgary’s rug lovers recognize that. At Oxy-Genie, we respect this uniqueness and tailor our services accordingly. Providing nothing less than the best is our commitment. So next time you need your woven flooring or rugs cleaned, think OxyGenie Calgary.

The Proof is in the Cleaning Results: Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Nothing speaks louder than results. At Oxy-Genie, the proof is in the cleaning results, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our services are designed to meet and exceed client expectations, leading to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

We Provide outstanding services that leave your woven flooring immaculately cleaned and refreshed. Every rug is subjected to a thorough pre-cleaning examination to ensure all aspects of its care are considered. Our dynamic solutions are crafted using the highest-rated products. These products dispel dirt, stains, or odour on your carpets and rugs.

More than just guaranteeing cleaned carpets and rugs, we offer an array of services, including steam cleaning and other methods that have distinguished us from different cleaning outfits in Calgary. We also provide stellar carpet freshness restoration to ensure you’re getting more value. We bring expertise that not only garners trust but delivers dramatic cleaning results.

Our pool of Calgary’s fiber revitalization professionals is trained to apply meticulous care to your expensive and delicate rugs. They ensure you receive the best care for your treasured pieces. Your needs form the bedrock of our operations, and we continually adapt to provide the services and solutions to meet these needs.

Ultimately, with Oxy-Genie, you’re investing in a service provider that you can trust to give you the best results. You’re not just another client; you’re part of a community of satisfied customers who have experienced the calibre of our unparalleled results – proof that your satisfaction is truly our goal.

Delivering Outstanding Soil Extraction in Calgary

Here at Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services, we’re committed to delivering outstanding carpet cleaning services Calgary residents can rely on. We’ve been serving the vibrant city of Calgary for many years, honing and expanding our carpet stain elimination offerings to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. We specialize in carpet cleaning and a broad range of cleaning services, including cleaning carpets, area rug cleaning, upholstery, air ducts, tile and grout.

We understand every carpet has its unique characteristics. Consequently, we’ve developed countless solutions and products to ensure all carpeting get cleaned to excellence. We can keep every carpet type in pristine condition, from traditional to contemporary. Moreover, our cleaning solutions are gentle on the carpets, offering a worry-free experience.

Much of our success comes from our focus on delivery. We know you expect us to deliver as we promised. That’s precisely what we do. Our professional and experienced team ensures prompt delivery of services every single time, with attention to detail being a priority. We respect your time and understand the importance of returning your home or business to normal as quickly as possible. And most importantly, our team provides you with the best carpet cleaning services you’ve ever received – the kind of service you’ll want to tell your friends about!

Your satisfaction is both our goal and proof of our performance. We’re more than just another carpet cleaner in Calgary. We are the solution that keeps carpeting clean and customers happy for years. For reliable, superior spot cleaning for carpets remember the name Oxy-Genie.

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The Proof is in the Pudding

Best Cleaning Results

Discover the Best Cleaners in Calgary: Affordable Solutions

Choosing Oxy-Genie will offer a professional and affordable solution that performs better. Our innovative Deep cleaning of carpets methods ensure your flooring are cleaned thoroughly, providing a safe and clean environment for you and your family.

We understand that professional carpet maintenance should go beyond just cleaning. This is why we also take the utmost care of your rugs with our top-tier rug cleaning, providing more value in one go. Our team of Calgary rug cleaning professionals offers comprehensive solutions to ensure your rugs receive the best care possible.

Our dynamic cleaning approach combines expert steam cleaning methods with optimal Calgary OxyGenie technology, ensuring that even the deepest dirt in your tufted textiles and rugs is eliminated effectively. It’s more than just carpet cleaning – an utterly professional solution offering affordable quality. Your satisfaction is our ultimate aim, and we make every effort to exceed your expectations.

But don’t just believe us; our outstanding cleaning results are proof. We’re proud to be considered one of the top carpet cleaning services in Calgary, a recognition we attribute to our consistent delivery of high-quality cleaning services. We believe that a clean carpet goes a long way in uplifting the ambiance of your home. More than that, a clean carpet means a healthier, allergen-free space for you and your family.

Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary offers a professional, affordable solution for your carpet shampooing needs. At Oxy-Genie, we believe in providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality. Discover Calgary’s best carpet cleaning services today and experience unrivalled excellence for yourself.


Discover the  Affordable and Effective Deep carpet cleaning Solutions

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Free Carpet “Pets Stain Removal” (Spotter Bottle)- Carpet Cleaning for Family Pets

For many homeowners in Calgary, their beloved family pets are integral to the family dynamic. However, it’s no secret that our furry friends can sometimes leave unfortunate pet stains on our tufted textiles. At Oxy-Genie, we’ve developed a unique system to tackle this problem, offering free carpet “Pets Stain Removal” for your convenience.

Our specially formulated solution is designed to deal effectively with pet stains, including troublesome urine spots. It works deeply into the material of your carpet, lifting and eliminating stains for a clean, fresh finish. We understand that a clean home is a happy home, and we are dedicated to ensuring you are delighted.

The Experts at Oxy-Genie know that pet stains don’t just affect the look of your carpet; they can also be unhygienic and emit unpleasant odours. We take great pride in delivering outstanding carpet cleaning for family pets. We’re more than just carpet cleaning; we’re a specialist service committed to providing only the best.

Our rug cleaning services reflect our commitment to excellence, offering great value for Calgary homes struggling with pet stains. You can trust us to deliver impressive results, as our expertise and dedication ensure your rugs receive the best care possible.

Our ‘free carpet “Pets Stain Removal”‘ service is just one piece of our comprehensive service provisions. As Calgary’s top carpet and rug cleaners, we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. By using our services, you’re introducing a sound system that keeps your home clean and preserves the lifespan of your Tufted textiles. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we are sure you will be amazed at your carpet’s revival. Discover the benefits of a spotless carpet today, and say goodbye to pesky pet stains with Oxy-Genie hot water extraction.

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To guarantee that your carpets survive a long time, contact an upholstery cleaning company that uses the correct cleaning methods, such as Oxy-Genie Calgary.

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Calgary Carpet Cleaning Services


I entrusted Genie area rug care technicians with caring for my bedding needs. It is easy to see why this company gets so many rave reviews! My rug looks brand new again; great job, at a fraction of what it would’ve cost me elsewhere! The friendly service providers take great care in all they do – from detailed consultation to a great job; the results are outstanding. And if you’re looking for affordable carpet cleaner, don’t forget about them. I highly recommend them!

Liliana Crawford

Schooner Landing NW,

Ken and the technicians, did a fantastic job with the Soft surface flooring at our house, and I would recommend him to anyone else who needs this service! As soon as we met with Ken for a consultation, he was timely in getting us an accurate quote, courteous during the service, and trustful until the end. He finished before his allotted time because of how many valuable pieces needed extra attention that experts could only give.

Nell Jacobson

Millview Gardens SW,
Upholstery Cleaning

Awards and Certificates of Achievement – Carpet Cleaning

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Calgary Carpet Cleaning Solutions: Family-Safe and Effective

With kids and pets roaming around, it is crucial to ensure your carpet is safe for them. Your family’s exposure to infections, grime, and even irritation caused by dirty carpets may be reduced to a minimum for your family, with regular service from soft surface flooring like Oxy-genie, which specializes in Eco-friendly products. In the interest of providing a clean environment that won’t harm their health or irritate them further – you will want to contact us here at Oxy-genie dirt cleaning services in Calgary today!

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Awards and Certificates of Achievement – A Testament to Our High-Quality Carpet Cleaning

Our commitment to delivering a high-quality cleaning process in Calgary has been recognized and highly praised. Over the years, our dedicated efforts have earned us various awards and certificates of achievement, which stand as an invaluable testament to our expertise and hard work. Our vast collection of awards reflects our exceptional services and the satisfaction and trust our clients place in us.

Our professional carpet cleaning services have been developed and nurtured to provide the best care for your carpeting. It’s not just about getting your carpeting cleaned, but with Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services, it’s about ensuring the health and visual beauty of your carpeting are maintained to the highest standard. At Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services, we’ve perfected our cleaning menu to meet and exceed customer expectations in the Calgary area.

The customer reviews say it all: “Carpet dirt extraction”, “Unmatched Rug Care,” “Truly Professional Team,” and “Exceptional Quality.” They are a testament to our dedication and hard work. We don’t just clean your carpeting but take the extra step to ensure they’re better than new ones. We believe in building solid relationships with our customers and our community. This has resulted in us being regarded as the top carpet cleaning in Calgary service in the area, specifically, Calgary OxyGenie.

We’re not just carpet cleaners; we also specialize in pet odour cleaning. Our rug care professionals have the knowledge and experience to clean, restore, and protect your beloved rugs. As part of our commitment to value, we offer a free Carpet “Pets Stain extraction from carpets” (Spotter Bottle) service, showcasing our versatility in Calgary’s carpet and rug dirt extraction scene.

Calgary’s Top Best Cleaners: Going Above and Beyond for Your Cleaning Needs

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Oxygenie Calgary’s top service providers are undeniably setting a new standard. By going above and beyond their customers’ expectations, these best cleaners are revolutionizing how Calgary’s homes and offices are cleaned. Oxy-Genie Carpet shampooing and other high-quality carpet cleaning services in the area use state-of-the-art Truck-Mounted equipment and cleaning materials, ensuring a thorough job no matter the size or scale of the task.

Many online customer reviews vouch for these companies’ exceptional care and professionalism. They’re not simply treating your carpeting but delivering a complete best-in-class service that extends to every aspect of your cleaning needs. From your carpeting to your rugs, consider it all taken care of! These Calgary carpet cleaners are experts at what they do. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring your carpets are cleaned to perfection.

The benefits of their services stretch beyond just the aesthetics. Using professional-grade equipment and cleaning materials, such as steam cleaning for the toughest stains, ensures the longevity of your Carpeting and rugs, giving you more value for your money. Their customer-first approach ensures a hassle-free booking experience, offering convenience at every step. The expertise these cleaners bring to the table is unparalleled, and their dedication to delivering the best results is evident not just in their awards and certificates of achievement but also in the glowing customer reviews they consistently receive.

Oxy-Genie carpet washing even offers free “pet stain removal” in their packages, perfectly catering to families with pets. So, when looking for Calgary’s top, best cleaners, look no further than the ones who are genuinely committed to going above and beyond for your cleaning needs. Take the first step towards a cleaner, healthier home today – it’s time to discover the best Calgary offers try our cleaning system!

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Calgary Top Best Cleaners

In summary, if you’re looking for the best truck-mounted wool cleaners in Calgary, AB, look no further than Oxy-Genie. Our expertise, specialized equipment, and tailored cleaning methodologies ensure that your cleaning carpets, upholstery, or rugs will be returned to their former glory. Don’t wait – contact Oxy Carpet Refurbishment today to schedule your professional cleaning appointment!

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