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The usage of tiles throughout our homes in Calgary, Alberta  has helped to elevate their overall visual appeal. When selecting tiles, it is essential to search for ones that have a natural shine and exude a warm and sparkling glow from inside. The shine and luminosity diminish throughout the course of time. In this scenario, the replacement of tiles is a feasible option, although an expensive one. It’s conceivable that your efforts to clean your tiles have been for nothing all this time. If tiles are not cleaned on a regular basis, they run the risk of being destroyed by stains that are difficult to remove. The following is a list of the tile cleaning Calgary services that you can expect from Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services:

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Tile & Grout Line Cleaning in Calgary

One of the things that makes the tiles look how they do is the grout. The small lines between tiles have a bigger effect on how our tiles look than you might think. Also, cleaning tiles and grout lines in Calgary can be hard to do by ourselves.
The tile grout can get dirty for many reasons, including the buildup of dirt, minerals, and hard water.

Normal detergents and a brush can be used to get rid of these deposits. Sometimes it seems like it gets dirtier every time it’s cleaned. We have professional methods, like oxygenation steaming of grout lines and tile surface in Calgary, that will make your tiles look like new. After that, we’ll take care of the grout lines by sealing them, which will make them stay cleaner longer. We do more than just clean tiles in Calgary; we also help solve problems.

Safest Grout Lines and Tile Cleaning Services in Calgary

The fact that Oxy-Genie in Calgary provides services that are friendly to the environment is one of the things we are most proud of. A lot of individuals have children and pets, or seniors who are especially vulnerable to the harmful chemicals that are often included in cleaning reagents. These chemicals may cause more harm than clean flooring. Even adults may develop severe allergies, which can make even the simplest tasks, like cleaning, seem like a chore. Because of this, the team at Oxy-Genie tile cleaning Calgary looks into environmentally friendly options for cleaning tile and grout in Calgary. As a consequence of the work that we do on your property, the finished product will provide you with a pleasant place that is also spotlessly clean and risk-free for walking about in bare feet. By using our OxyG tile and grout cleaning technology, we can make your house more comfortable and also do a lot to protect and preserve the natural environment.

One of the services offered by Oxy-Genie Tile and Grout Cleaning in Calgary is steam cleaning of the grout lines. The company is located in Alberta. This service is fully risk-free for usage in any setting, including those with children and animals, as well as the natural environment. This service is available in the city of Calgary, which is located in Alberta.


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Affordable Tile-Cleaners

Affordable Calgary Tile and Grout Cleaning

One thing that makes us stand out is that we are cheap. People often don’t hire professionals to clean their tiles because they think they can do it themselves. There is no more need to worry. Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services can clean your tiles in Calgary for a low price. We are not only cheap but also provide good services. With our good services, we will give you the value for your money that you deserve. When you work with us, you won’t have to pay anything. Just a smile and a place for your feet to stand If you live in Calgary, Alberta, and need your tile cleaned, we are the team for you. We can give you a free quote. Call us at any time at (403) 452-4644 if you have any questions.


When Should You Call in the Professionals to Clean Your Tile and Grout Lines?

Even if you know everything there is to know about tile cleaning services, you may not know when to hire one for your own residence tile and grout . This is especially clear when the grout lines under cabinets, area rugs, and other places with less foot traffic than others is usually a different color than the floor. At this point, your tiles will have started to look old and worn. Most discoloration in grout is caused by hard water stains, which can happen in places like bathrooms. Even if you clean your tiles often, if they keep getting dirtier or if you don’t like how they look, it’s time to hire a professional tile cleaner Calgary.

Dirty Tile and Grout Lines

Dirty Tile and Grout Lines

How do you clean tiles?

One of the most common queries is how tile cleaning are performed. At Oxy-Genie Service, we use the most advanced technology to clean tiles in the most efficient and safest manner possible. We utilize natural cleaning solutions and a natural oxygenation procedure. The ultimate result is not just a secure area to go barefoot, but also a pleasurable experience. Another method is to use a steam grout cleaning technique to clean the grout. This procedure is designed to remove buried dirt, mineral deposits, cooking grease, oil, or hard water scaling. This will leave your grout looking like new, with colors that complement the floor.

What exactly is tile grout cleaning?

A variety of factors contribute to the popularity of microfiber furniture in Calgary homes. The ultra-softness, durability, and stain resistance of these polyester microfiber fibers are well-known. If you need assistance cleaning and caring for your microfibers, please contact us immediately once.

  1. Oxy-Genie grout cleaning EXPERTS will begin by examining the grout lines. Our professionals inspect cracked tile and grout, as well as high-traffic areas requiring further maintenance. This evaluation will assist determine the optimal grout cleaning method. Our qualified experts will explain the strategy and answer your questions.
  2. The expert who works on our grout lines pre-treats areas that are dirty. Cleaning and extraction equipment, cleaning soaps, and tools are used to remove dirt, ground-in stains, and discoloration from tile and grout, including filth deep in the grout. This is accomplished using a high-pressure truck-mounted unit that is heated to a high temperature (235 degrees Fahrenheit) and rinsed with fresh water. This procedure not only cleans but also rinses and drains away any surplus water. Protective coverings are applied to the walls, baseboards, and corners. One step is to clean and sanitize.
  3. Grout Line Sealing in Calgary

    Grout Line Sealing in Calgary


Why Choose the Calgary Tile and Grout Cleaning Services of Oxy-Genie?

Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services is the finest team to work with in Calgary, Alberta, for tile and grout cleaning services. We use technology that does not cause allergic reactions or other reactions in your young children, pets, or seniors. Our skills and affordability allow us to operate in both residential and commercial areas. You will get a free estimate prior to receiving any service, allowing you to budget properly. Feel free to call us at any moment at (403) 453-4644 for trustworthy and dependable services.

We clean ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.

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The experience of collaborating with this firm was very remarkable. Uncomplicated. Great system. The steam cleaning of the tiles and grout produced an excellent outcome at a fraction of the expense of completely redoing my kitchen before we put our house up for sale. Because they come at a reasonable price and have excellent results, Oxy-genie Calgary comes highly recommended by me.

Maya Martin

Calgary NW.

The experience of working with the staff at Oxy-Genie Grout Cleaners is nothing short of extraordinary. They have a lot of personality, and they are prepared to collaborate with you to find solutions to problems. During a recent grout line cleaning and sealing project here in Calgary Southwest, the technician’s name was Ken, and it was a joy to deal with him. The fact that he paid such careful attention to detail demonstrates that he is sincerely enthusiastic about the job that he performs. Oxy-genie Carpet Cleaning Services is an organization that I have no reservations about recommending.


Lyla Williams

The tile and grout cleaning of our house kitchen flooring was taken care of by Ken, whom we hired. To this point, we are overjoyed with the results of his efforts. he Working with Ken and his helper has been a wonderful experience. Working with Ken is a delightful experience. He puts forth a lot of effort to satisfy the requirements of the customer and go above and beyond their expectations. Tile cleaning is one of his true passions, and the attention to detail that he puts into his job is remarkable.


Sebastian Cote

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