Answers to the most common Calgary carpet cleaning FAQS:

Listed below are some of the several favorite questions we are asked concerning carpet steam cleaning, Hardwood floor cleaning, VCT flooring strip and wax, upholstery care. Oxy-genie carpet cleaning services have a significant faqs carpet cleaning on this web-page to help you out.

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Free up a parking spot for us: Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services uses a truck-mounted machine; our technician needs to park their van as close as feasible to an entrance door to run hoses for their steam cleaning equipment. Make sure your automobile isn't hindering their work. If you might have to leave while we are cleaning, please move your car from the garage or driveway and park it on the road before we arrive, so we don't block you in.
Our cleaning products are water-based and absolutely non-toxic to humans, man best friend "pets," and the planet.
Our cleaning technicians will move most movables, including couches, armchairs, etc also our tech may choose not to move any item. Once we move your upholstery, we'll steam clean the carpeting and return it close to the rightful place and put a protective tab under furniture legs to prevent furniture stain. We abstain from moving furniture that we may break these include entertainment centers with electronic devices on them, showcases with fragile pieces, crockery furniture, and massive bookshelves. Our cleaning technician will move all these items if they are emptied of precious things. We do recommend you pull off any fragile items from table tops, etc. We also do not move items that are too heavy to move such as pianos, pool tables, water beds, et cetera or things where there is no place to put them while cleaning, such as large mattress or furniture’s.
You may trek on moist floor coverings with your bare feet or stockings right away, but we do not advise wearing outdoor footwear or letting house pets walk on them until they are dry.
Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week. Now here's the fantastic piece of opinion. If you aspire to prolong the life of your flooring, it is essential to have it professionally steam cleaned at least every 12-calendar month depending on usage.
It is not required that you be home while we are steam cleaning your carpets, upholstery, or hardwood floors in Calgary, because our Calgary carpet cleaning specialists are fully trained experts you can trust. However, to provide the best possible steam cleaning, we do advise that someone is home before we start cleaning to address any precise needs or areas of attention regarding the care of your rug, upholstery, or tile & grout. Our steam cleaning process is very quiet so as not to disrupt you as you go about your everyday pursuits.
It can take anywhere between 4-8 hours for the carpet to be completely dry, depending on the variables as mentioned here. Deploying fans in any spaces and turning your air conditioning, opening up windows or heating system on, depending on the time of the year, can help expedite damp carpet drying out.
The industry benchmark for carpet drying time after cleaning is four to eight hours and never longer than 24 hours. If your carpeting is still damp after 12-hours, consider hiring a different rug steam cleaning company in your neighborhood..
Dry carpet cleaning comprises the use of rotary machines or (CRB) Counter-Rotating Cylindrical Brushes, to clean carpeting with the newly improved compound that allows Zero-moisture or "very-low moisture" (ENCAP) Encapsulation cleaning, resulting in carpet maintenance, freshen up the carpet. Mainly used for commercial carpet cleaning, office carpet (Quick Dry Time)
Proficient carpet steam cleaning costs range depending on the dimension of the area being clean, the cleaning process, the type of carpet your cleaning, also whether pet stain, wine stain removal is needed. For instance, you can presume to spend more for a wool fiber carpet than for builder grade carpets. Most home-owners report paying $120 and up.p>
Carpet manufacturers recommend that home-owners clean their rugs every 6- 12-month particular homes with youngsters, pets or if someone in your house has asthmas or hypersensitivities. Regular carpet cleaning will not only enhance your home’s character, but it will eradicate pathogens and allergens, refresh your home’s indoor air property and prolong the life of your carpets..

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