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There are a good number of cleaning companies. Although all of them usually claim to offer exceptional services, this is not always the case, as some Calgarians have found out the hard way. To avoid hiring a firm that’ll offer you low-quality carpet cleaning services, there are some precautionary steps that you need to follow. Listed below are some of the said steps.

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Seek Referrals

If you’re a homeowner looking to hire a company that provides high-quality Carpet cleaning Calgary, the very first step you should follow is to seek referrals. As noted before, not all the cleaning companies offer top-notch cleaning service. By first seeking referrals, you can easily make a shortlist of companies to choose from, thus saving yourself a lot of time.

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Go Through Each References’ Background

After getting the references, you should then go through each of the suggested firms’ backgrounds. This step is quite crucial as by going through each of the references’ backgrounds, you can quickly determine which of the carpet cleaners’ organizations are trustworthy. Reliable firms tend to have squeaky clean backgrounds. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the cleaner a firm’s background is, the more reliable it is.

    • Professionals
    • Trained Technicians
    • Safe

Check Each References’ Past Clients’ Reviews

With time, area rugs tend to gather dust and dirt. Before settling on a given firm to offer you magnificent area rug cleaning service, you should always go through each of your references' past clients’ reviews. It’s common knowledge that positively reviewed firms usually deliver as required. As such, by reviewing each of your references’ past clients’ reviews, you can quite easily determine which of the suggested firms you can depend on to deliver.

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Consider Each of The Suggested steam cleaning firms’ Track Record

In all fields, the most exceptional companies usually have fantastic track records. Similarly, exceptional cleaning companies normally have proven track records. Therefore, it’s quite advisable that before you settle on a given cleaning firm, you ensure that it has a track record of excellent service provision.

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Carpet Cleaning Facts

  • Your Steam Cleaning Company Must Be Reliable
  • Your Carpet Cleaners Must Be Efficient
  • Must Have Proven Track Record
  • Professional Cleaning Technicians
  • Well-Equipped To Clean Carpet
  • Experienced
  • Affordable


As a firm that genuinely cares for its clients, we’ve always made sure that we come through for them whenever they require our services. Because of our unmatched reliability, many locals regard us as the best sofa cleaning company has. Time and again, we’ve made sure that we meet and even surpass our clients' expectations. Just as we’ve been of great assistance to thousands of our clients, we could also be of great assistance to you.

Your Carpet Cleaners Must Be Efficient

In the past, many residents complained of lacking a local cleaning company that they could rely on for efficient services. However, since we began operating, the number of such complaints have remarkably reduced. As a firm, we take pride in offering our clients the efficient services they require. As such, if you’d like to have your furniture cleaned efficiently, giving us a call would be a prudent move.

Proven Track Record

At OxyGenie, we’ve always ensured that when hired, we carry out the task handed to us with utmost perfection. As such, it comes as no surprise that of all the carpet cleaning companies has, we boast of having the best track record. For years, we have continually offered our clients the exquisite cleaning services they desire. Judging by our track record, it’s quite clear that after hiring us, you need not worry about being disappointed.

Professional Staff

Prior to selecting a given firm to offer you carpet cleaning services, it’s essential that you ensure that your preferred cleaning firm has well-trained professionals as its employees. The reason why this is critical is that well-trained cleaning professionals tend to deliver better cleaning services than their lesser trained counterparts. At Oxy-Genie, we boast of having several well-trained under our employ. As such, by hiring us to handle your cleaning issues, you can rest assured that you’ll be served by top-notch professionals.

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Well-Equipped Firm

At our firm, we understand that quality cleaning services can only be attained by the use of quality cleaning machines. Given that we always aim to offer our clients amazing cleaning services, we have heavily invested in the purchase of necessary equipment. In Alberta, no other cleaning company is as equipped as we are. Thus, by getting your sofas cleaned by us, you need not worry about annoyed by the results.


Across all sectors, experienced professionals usually deliver the best services. At Oxy-Genie, we fully understand this. When hiring, we always ensure that our new staff members are relatively experienced. We also ensure that when they are carrying out any of the various services we offer, these new staff members are under the supervision of adequately experienced professionals. Therefore, by giving us the chance to clean your furniture, sofa, or even couch, you can rest easy as we never fail to come through for our dear clients.


Before our founding, many residents used to complain of the exorbitant charges demanded by the existing carpet cleaning companies. However, since we began offering our pretty fantastic services, such complaints are a thing of the past. This is because, at Oxy-Genie, we offer our variety of service at pretty affordable rates. Whether you’re in need of quality carpet cleaning, or superb area rug cleaning at affordable rates, we’re the right firm to give a call. By hiring us to clean your property, you can rest assured of getting amazing services at fair rates.

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For quality, professional Calgary Carpet Cleaning residents and business owners know to look no further than Oxy-Genie Cleaning services. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and all our regular customers know that our technicians are highly-trained, courteous, and professional. We understand how busy you are and we’ll do our utmost to fit into your busy schedule. Call us now on 403-452-4644 and let’s make a convenient time for our technicians to return your home or office back to clean, fresh state.

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Obligation Free Rug Cleaning Quotes and Advice

At OxyGenie carpet cleaners Calgary, we are always happy to provide a fast, obligation-free quotation over the phone. You can call us now on 403-452-4644. And, if you are looking for free advice on carpet spot removal, we are here to offer our professional opinion on stain elimination and the best way to maintain your beautiful carpets and soft furnishings.

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At Oxy-Genie, we’ve proved to offer quite exceptional services. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust and loyalty of several locals. If you’re looking for the best local carpet cleaning in Calgary has, here are some of the reasons why contacting us would be in your best interest.

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On several occasions, our firm, Oxy-Genie, has proved to the best carpet cleaning company in Calgary. Cleaning your property should not be a stressful ordeal. By hiring us, we guarantee that you’ll never regret choosing us as your Calgary cleaning company-of-choice. If you’d like to contact us, kindly give us a call.

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Carpet Cleaning Reviews

“I am a repeat consumer, and they did not fail me! OxyGenie carpet cleaning technician was friendly, experienced, and detailed in cleaning our home carpets after our friend moved out of our basement. We highly recommend them and plan to use them again!”

Grace Boyle

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“The carpet cleaning team was great! Very professional and pleasant. Arrived on time, took all the time to demonstrate their eco friendly cleaning procedure, and made sure to put the necessary floor and baseboard corner protection down where they would be working.”

Jaime Simpson

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“We are very impressed with the valuable client care and the courtesy of the upholstery and professional carpet cleaning crew. I would continue to use this service.”

Paul Gill

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“Satisfied with the carpet cleaning service - area rug looks terrific. I would recommend it to anyone. Well worth every penny.”

Larry Bossman

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