Should You Try Ozone Odor Treatment Calgary?

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Smoke Odor Removal Calgary: Ozone Shock Treatment

Ozone odor treatment is a relatively new process that involves harnessing the power of oxygen to get rid odors. It's a promising technology, but is it something you should try?

How Calgary Ozone Works

Ozone is created naturally in our atmosphere all the time. It is even produced at ground level as a byproduct of thunderstorms, giving thunderstorms their unique, distinctive smell. Ozone is created by running large currents through the regular air, ionizing oxygen into the ion O2-, when the oxygen deionizes it forms the compound O3, Ozone.

Ozone shock Treatment Calgary
Ozone Calgary

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and is very good at disinfecting killing bacteria and other odor causing materials like mold, mold spores, mildew, and fungi. With other compounds like cigarette smoke, ozone will break up the odor-causing compound, virtually be eradicating the source of the odor.

Calgary Ozone:What to be Aware Of

When dealing with organic materials that are emitting foul odors, the ozone treatment works by killing the source of the compound. It is essential to note ozone treatment is not a replacement for proper pest infestation removal, just a tool to remove the odors left by the pests once and for all. For example, if the source of the odor was rodents or mold, you will still be left dead rodents or dead mold. The dead rodents may cause the further smell, which would be counter-productive. In the case of mold, you'll still be left with dead mold, which even though it is gone, it can still cause health problems. Why it's essential to get rid of such biological health hazards before worrying about the smell that they create.

If the source of the odour is completely chemical, or it's just foul, repugnant odours in general, Ozone shock treatment can be very effective. Examples of this are smells from cigarette smoke, smells from strong cooking, smells from burn, and general stuffiness/unpleasant smells. It is also useful for any lingering smells that may happen after proper pest infestation.

So is it for you? In general, ozone shock treatment Calgary Alberta is very effective in removing smells as it physically destroys the source of the odour. It is very good at deodorizing, and will almost certainly get rid of foul odours. However, it may not be the best choice if you still have lingering problems, not just odour. Either way, it is an option worth considering for more details contacts Oxy-genie cleaning services in Calgary Canada.

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