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Calgary best cleaning services

Calgary Hardwoodfloor Cleaning

Hardwood flooring Cleaning, Polishing, Coating in Calgary

Wood floor polishing, Deep cleaning, Streak-free shine, increase the life of your wood floors today.

Fine Upholstery Cleaning Calgary

Fine Upholstery Care

  • Calgary NW.

Oxy-genie professional fine upholstery care services remove the toughest dirt safely and effectively — restoring your investment.

Mattress Cleaners near me

Mattress Care

  • Mattress Calgary NW.

Perks of mattress cleaning in Calgary, reduce allergens, improves mattress regimen, formulates a cleaner atmosphere for a nap, eliminates odors and stains.

Tile Cleaners near me

Tile & Grout Care

  • Tile & Grout Line Care Calgary.

Several homeowners here in Calgary and nearby regions find it challenging to clean tiles and grout lines; therefore, our oxy-genie tile & grout cleaning services offered to prove as tremendous assistance for their problem.

Ozone Shock Treatment

Calgary Ozone Shock Treatment

  • Odour Removal in Calgary Alberta.

Ozone shock treatments in Calgary Alberta. High Ozone output is a guaranteed method of eliminating unwanted odors from your home, office, or car, such as cigarette smoke odor, food odors. Ozone will eliminate odors, not disguise them like perfume. Treatment securely and effectively handles household smells while providing a healthier, comfortable environment.

Fabric Care

Repel Dirt And Stains From Your Carpet & Upholstery

  • Fabric Protector Services Calgary Alberta.

Scotchgard treatment adds an invisible barrier that helps your carpet and furniture resist oil and water-based stains. It makes cleaning up the spill easier, and that helps your carpetings looking good longer.

Carpet Scotchgard Protectant
Carpet Stains Removal

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Removal

  • Calgary Carpet Stains Care

Pet Stains on Carpet, Coffee or tea on Carpet, Bloodstain on the Carpet, Ink stain on the Carpet, Urine Stains, Wine Stains.

Carpet Scotchgard Protectant
Carpet Stains Removal

VCT Tile - Floor Waxing Calgary

  • Strip & Wax Calgary Alberta

Stripping, Sealing and Waxing, Spray Buff, Floor Polishing, Floor Stripping Calgary

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Calgary

Office - Commercial Carpet Cleaning Calgary

  • Office Carpet Cleaners

Decrease the spread of germs, bacteria, diseases and mold, Remove discolorations and spots, Decrease the effects of wear, Prolong the life of your office carpetings, Protect your carpet investment with Scotchgard

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Calgary

Professional Wine Stain Removal Calgary

  • Wine Stain on Carpet

Protects Your Carpet and Upholstery: Scotchgard keeps spills sitting on the surface, so it is easier to clean up a spill before it soaks in. Call Now 403-452-4644

Upholstery Scotchgard Protectant