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Upholstery Cleaning Services

The upholstery and furniture we have in our homes require periodical cleaning to maintain them and keep them clean. Calgary upholstery cleaning or Calgary upholstery cleaners have what it takes both regarding skills and equipment to do all your upholstery and furniture cleaning. There are several factors which may lead to the requirement to do house cleaning. Pets are one source of sudden demand for upholstery cleaning Calgary. There is also the cumulative dirt and dust which will require being cleaned periodically to bring back their original appearance and enable them last longer.

Upholstery Cleaning Calgary

Oxy-Genie Calgary furniture cleaners specialize in cleaning all kinds of fabrics ensuring stains, dust, and dirt FREE. The cleaning method leaves the upholstery with very little if any moisture which means drying is almost instant. With the kind of services that are obtainable from OxyGenie upholstery steam cleaners, you can rest assured that any eventuality arising from your pet peeing, vomiting or leaving presents on the furniture or other fabrics will be dealt with satisfactorily. And what's more? This service does not require you to book as it can be possible done on a same-day basis as you wish.

Some cleaning methods have been used before which appear less costly and tend to produce rapid results as well. But these cleaning methods may require the homeowners to stay away from the cleaned fabrics due to some prolonged effects of chemicals used. Oxy-genie Furniture cleaning in Alberta employs natural cleaning methods which are safe for the users of the facilities while preserving their quality and texture for the most extended period possible. The world is going green, and it is necessary to pay attention to environmentally safe practices and products in whatever we do. It has become essential to consider both long-term effects and short-term effects in whatever methods we use in our daily lives.

Our cleaners care for you and your fabrics and will endeavor to use methods are tested, and their safety was proven. Take the opportunity to give your furniture, upholstery, and other textiles a cleaning which will facelift them and bring them back to their original status without requiring you to wait longer and without causing you much inconvenience. This method involves the use of an oxygenated solution which is 100% natural. The benefit of this cleaning product is that it has no side effects and is perfectly safe for those who use the upholstery.

With our method of cleaning, you can have some piece of mind with whatever you own in the house knowing cleaning is possible so long as you can call us now 403:452:4644. Oxy-genie will use oxygenated cleaning solution which is gentle on fabrics and all furniture leaving them as good as new to a cleaning method which dries them almost instantly. You will be able to enjoy the use of your fabrics or furniture immediately without having to wait any longer. You are also safe from any side effects that could arise from cleaning

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