Professional Upholstery Cleaning Calgary

Oxy-Genie upholstery cleaning services is, without a doubt, the go-to upholstered furniture cleaning company in all of Calgary and maybe even the greater Alberta area. For years, we have been serving the residents of Calgary Alberta and the surrounding locale with top-notch quality sofa deep cleaning services. As a family-owned and operated business, we try our best to create lasting relationships with our clients because they go a long way in helping us know what our clients want and how we can serve them even better.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

Besides mattress deep cleaning, we also do upholstery cleaning Calgary, furniture cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, carpet stain removal, and odor removal plus so many more. All our services are at affordable rates, and one thing we can assure you is value for your money. Our technicians have proper training as well as the experience, and we promise that whatever you trust us to clean for you will be handled with the utmost care, and we will return it in the same state as it was, if not better. Call Us Now

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What Cleaning Solutions Do You Use?

At Oxy-Genie upholstery cleaning services, we use a one hundred percent natural oxygenated solution. With this, we can assure our clients that our cleaning methods are safe, and they can trust that we will not cause any damage during couch cleaning by causing them to either fade or get discolored. In addition to that, they give your fabrics a new breath of life, which not only makes them stand out, they also can stay for years while still looking dashingly beautiful.

Detailed Upholstery FQAs

Every homeowner will tell you about the satisfaction they get from a well-maintained home that is always clean. It speaks volumes about the owners themselves and the people living in that house. For this reason, we are always looking for ways in which we can keep our homes and everything in it from floors, walls, furniture, and even upholstery clean. Lucky for you, Oxy-Genie upholstery cleaning services has a solution. We offer professional cleaning services for home items such as carpets, furniture, upholstery, and even couches.
Oxy-Genie upholstery cleaning services was established in 2007 and is a family-owned and operated professional cleaning business that operates out of Calgary, Alberta. In the beginning, we set out to revolutionize the professional cleaning industry by giving locals a company they can trust. One that offers top-notch quality services at affordable prices while still maintaining close ties with the customers. After almost a decade and a half, we are proud to say that we have achieved this, and now the beautiful people of Calgary have a place they can go for couch cleaning. That is what makes us the number one Calgary cleaning company. Over the years, we have established good relationships with our clients, which has enabled us to serve them even better and improve our services' overall quality.
Our services are very pocket friendly. Some of the most competitive in the market. As a family-owned and operated company, we relate to the local man and their needs. We look for ways to cut operating costs while still maintaining the integrity of our services to relieve the burden off of our customers. As a professional cleaning company, we give you two things that not many companies are able to; quality and low prices. Most of the time, you will either get low prices, but the quality of service is poor or quality services, but you end up with a huge dent in your pocket. Oxy-Genie upholstery cleaning in Calgary is a company for the people, and if we can’t charge them prices that they can afford, then what's the point?
We don’t have an already set price list for our upholstery cleaning in Calgary because it wouldn't be fair for some of our clients who do not demand too much work from us. All our clients are unique, and so is every home or workplace we clean. There are some who have certain specifications of how they would like the work done, others want a custom cleaning plan specifically suited for them, and other people, mostly corporations, are working on a set budget. To meet everyone’s expectations, we do an evaluation of the work you want us to do then compare it with the budget to give you a rough estimate of what we will be charging. When the expectations exceed the budget, we can come to a compromise that works for both parties.
Our cleaning methods depends on the task at hand. However, regardless of the job that needs to get done, we will always use the latest technology in cleaning, including state of the art cleaning equipment. This ensures both effectiveness and efficiency while also maintaining the fabric of your upholstery. Some of the techniques we employ include oxygenation, low moisture cleaning, vacuuming, and deep steam cleaning, among others. We also ask our clients if they have any preferences because different fabrics can easily get damaged by certain cleaning methods, and we wouldn’t want to be the ones that discolor your favorite sofa.
When it comes to sofa cleaning in Calgary, there are clients who would prefer if we did it at our premises. We have no problem with this, and since the client’s interests are the priority, we will be more than glad to do this for you. We understand that most people, especially homeowners, don’t have the means to transport a couch or a big sofa to our premises, so you don’t have to worry about that. Our team will handle the pickup for you, go do their thing, clean your sofa or couch and then drop it off right where they got it. This way, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting the sofa to and FRO. This service not AVAILABLE at the MOMENT.
Getting rid of bad odors is one of our specialties. You can always count on us to eliminate odors in a house you just moved into, a recreational vehicle you had rented out, pet smells, and even sporting equipment and work gear such as boots and overalls. The most effective way is through Ozone Shock Treatment. This method involves the use of an ozone generator to create lethal levels of ozone (a natural element formed in the atmosphere) in an enclosed mold affected or odor ridden space for a short period of time, mostly between one to four hours. The ozone oxidizes the air, thus eliminating that foul smell.
There are plenty of reasons for you to choose Oxy-Genie Truck Mounted sofa cleaning. Besides the fact that we offer a variety of services, including professional furniture cleaning to stain removal, tile grout cleaning, and odor removal, we also have years of experience in the cleaning industry. This has enabled us to not only improve the techniques we apply but to also learn new tricks to the trade and find out ways in which we can serve our customers better. We also take great pride in being market leaders when it comes to customer service quality. We like to treat our clients as if our whole existence depends on them, which it actually does. In addition, we create a customized cleaning plan to suit each client because we understand that every one of them is unique and has different expectations. Give us a try, and we guarantee you will love us.

"The second upholstery cleaning services and steam carpet cleaning OxyGenie Calgary have done for us. Outstanding work and highly recommended."

Norman C. Rivas

Calgary Ab.

"My sectional sofa needed a general upholstery cleaning, and the Oxygenie upholstery cleaning in the Calgary crew far surpassed my expectations. The team of professional upholstery cleaning meets my needs with ease. Not only was the upholstery cleaning services job done professionally with care and devotion, but it was rapid; I 100% recommend it!!"

Roy C. Smith

"Oxy-Genie carpet and upholstery cleaning steam cleaned my love seat, and we are thrilled with their truck mounted process from start to finish! They were very patient with me as I was uncertain about what I wanted to do about resources and everything. Oxy-genie customer service helped me define my goals and look at options that would help me achieve them."

Jennifer R. Parks

"We are thrilled with the upholstery cleaning service by OxyGenie Calgary did for us. We had our carpet and upholstery cleaning done the same day; "

Lynn S. Johnson

"I heard about the Calgary Alberta cleaning company through my mom; I was surprised and delighted that I received the same day call from Ken. I liked the whole process, from carpet and upholstery cleaning to stain removal. Highly recommend"

Brian J. Lowe

"My experience was outstanding. I worked with OxyGenie mattress cleaning during covid 19. They helped me with my upholstered furniture care and also steam cleaning or furniture cleaning. Too bad they don’t do furnace cleaning. Great service!"

Betty S. O'Neill