Upholstery Cleaning in Calgary

The upholstery we have in our homes require periodic cleaning to maintain them and keep them clean. Oxy-Genie upholstery cleaning Calgary have what it takes both regarding skills and equipment to do all your furniture cleaning. There are several factors which may lead to the necessity to do couch cleaning. Pets are one source of sudden demand. There is also the cumulative dirt and dust which will require being cleaned regularly to bring back their original appearance and enable them last longer.

Our cleaners will care for you and your fabrics and will endeavor to use methods that have been tested, and their safety was proven. This method involves the use of an oxygenated solution which is 100% natural. The benefit of this cleaning product is that it has no side effects and is perfectly safe for those who use the upholstery including your pets.

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Upholstery Cleaning

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Oxy-genie low moisture light steam cleaning at adjustable temperature between 100 – 235 DEGREE Fahrenheit, we are able to clean your upholstered fabric. We are concerned about your investment, that’s why, our gentle cleaning is offered by Calgary oxy genie to prevent your fine sofa from damages.

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