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OXY-GENIE CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING CALGARY are committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional carpet cleaning services and friendly assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don't just take our word for it-be sure to read through our customer Testimonials or Reviews, and you'll hastily see why we are the best in the cleaning business!

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Mel / 11-08-2016, 14:49

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10.0 "Excellent"

  • +I am very happy with the exceptional customer service extended to me by the Oxy-Genie staff. From start to finish, a job well done!
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Wanita / 13-01-2016, 01:08

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10.0 "Fantastic Job"

  • +We recently moved into our new home here in Cochrane Gleneagles. My husband and I thought the carpets would need to be replaced. We were surprised by the technician who was outright amazing and did a fantastic job. I valued the advice about carpets and the honesty about the pet stains left by previous owner’s “best friend.” Absolutely fabulous.
  • -Gleneagles - Cochrane Alberta

James / 07-01-2016, 22:41

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10.0 "Thanks you for all your hard work"

  • +I'm writing this Review to Oxy-genie Carpet Cleaning Services to thank you for all your hard work. Your technician had come to clean our mattress, and remove pet stains. The last time we had called your company the representative had done a worthy job at a realistic price so we called for your services again. This time the technician did an astonishing job cleaning our king size mattress. All stains were removed. The service was very professional, and courteous. I will call you again in the future!
  • -Kincora Heights NW. Calgary.

Thompson K / 06-01-2016, 19:11

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10.0 "Impressed with The Mattress cleaning Services"

  • +We were very impressed with the young man who did the mattress cleaning, and with his equipment, the speed of the job, and the appearance of the mattress when the cleaning was complete.
  • - Everstone Calgary, Sw.

Peterson / 05-01-2016, 13:21

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10.0 "Tech was very polite and friendly... They do what they have to do to please the customer. He was very courteous and worked very hard."

  • +Chestermere Merganser Drive
  • -Alberta

whiteleg / 04-01-2016, 23:06

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10.0 "After first having GENIE do our TILE/GROUT, there is no thought to trying anyone else."

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Jay Little / 04-01-2016, 23:03

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10.0 "I wish all businesses would treat their customers as professionally and respectfully as you do, and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again for your help."

  • +Bragg Creek
  • ---

Lisa / 04-01-2016, 23:00

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9.3 "thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful, and I am so happy with the outcome I received from OXY-GENIE CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING. "

  • +High River
  • -Alberta

Tina C / 03-01-2016, 18:42

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10.0 "Great job and no pressure to clean more rooms. I'll recommend you to my friends and neighbors."

  • +Hampstead Rd
  • -Nw Calgary

Simon Hackman / 03-01-2016, 18:39

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10.0 "I was moving out of my apartment and had multiple pet vomit stains. OXY-GENIE Tech. did a great job and made the carpet look good-as-new! I highly recommend."

  • +Calgary
  • -AB

Mrs. Jane Li / 03-01-2016, 18:33

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10.0 "We were very impressed with OXY-GENIE Technician he was upfront about the condition of the carpet and what our expectations should be. He was very thorough and upon completion, we were amazed."

  • +Calgary
  • -AB

Merious / 03-01-2016, 16:13

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10.0 "Our carpet cleaning technician was friendly and pleasant. He took a very soiled set of stairs flooring and made them look new."

  • +High River
  • -Alberta

Drulle: Okotoks / 02-01-2016, 19:48

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10.0 "What was once a sad looking tile & grout line having been generally battered by three young ones has been returned to its former glory."

  • +Don Seaman Way
  • -Okotoks Alberta

Jackie: Okotoks Ab. / 02-01-2016, 14:57

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10.0 "They were able to schedule me quickly, their work was excellent my husband and I are extremely pleased with the way our upholstery turned out. I would definitely recommend oxy-genie to all my friends "

  • +Okotoks
  • -Alberta

Xandra / 01-01-2016, 22:14

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10.0 "Today we have fresh, clean and stain-free carpets with a nice luster to them, thanks to Ken"

  • +Airdrie
  • -Alberta

Quartilla Jeffrey: Chestermere / 01-01-2016, 22:09

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9.3 "I must say that from the very beginning I was really impressed with this services provider."

  • +Cheatermere
  • -Ab

Ulrika William: Okotoks / 01-01-2016, 22:02

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9.3 "It was a really great experience in all ways – but the best part is that they were able to restore the white grout line in our kitchen/dining area! "

  • +Drake Landing
  • -Okotoks

Aaliyah Edward: Calgary / 01-01-2016, 21:54

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10.0 "Our bathroom grout repair job turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Thanks to everyone concerned! "

  • +Nw. Calgary
  • -Ab.

Stephen Terence - Calgary / 01-01-2016, 21:38

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10.0 "Very reasonable and very professional; these people really know their stuff! Thank you for a great job well done."

  • +Elbow Valley
  • -SW. Calgary
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