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As mattress cleaning Calgary specialists in Alberta western Canada with many decades knowledge removing all varieties stains off mattresses also helping many Calgarians resolve mattress warranty issues, there exists another thing quite a few cleaning technicians know of: all mattresses contain possible mites or bugs, urine from humans or naturally man best partner pets (dog/cat), blood from girlish time of the month, noise bleeds, wine, coffee stains, and allergens!

Can one assume that if there has not been coffee, tea, wine spill or bedwetting (URINE) event, if the person napping on the bed has a reasonable standard of personal cleanliness or one uses a mattress cover or some shield over the mattress? Means your mattress in your bedrooms is clean. Regrettably, that is not the fact. Even a well preserved and most sanitary of homes, one needs a professional mattress cleaning in Calgary to be performed on a regular basis by professionals.

No matter how often you change your bed-sheets or vacuum your mattress, there is no way it is possible to completely rid your bed of all these debris that accumulates through regular usage. Since we spend a decent portion of our lives on our mattresses or bedroom furniture’s, various organic materials – including dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and other matter – develop after a while, triggering many health problems, including allergies and respiratory problems.

You should consider cleaning your mattress regularly at the very least every four months. Oxy-genie Calgary mattress Cleaning servicers can assist you manage your mattress stains removal problem. We use highly powered state-of-the-art truck-mounted machine that clean and sanitized at the temperature as much as 250 Degree Fahrenheit, we use safe yet effective mattress cleaning products. Oxy-genie mattress stain removal team realize that pets or toddlers may have accidents. Okay now even, adults or senior residents can too. We've all been there before OK.

Our professional team has seen a lot of clients wanting to clean soiled stained and dirty mattress at home and calling us when matters have gone from bad to worse. DIY (mattress cleaning to save some penny’s). Oxy-genie Professional mattress cleaning Calgary you can expect a very enhanced service which not just cleans the mattress but additionally helps to ensure that there's zero damage from regular servicing. Our professional mattress cleaners are expert in mattress steam cleaning, experts at blood stains remover, urine stains deletion and sanitized mattress. So, don't hesitate to call us today and arrange to get all those unwanted stains and spots lifted off your family mattress.

Oxy-Genie Mattress Cleaning Calgary: Our Specialties

  • Mattress Blood Stains Removal
  • Mattress Urine Stains Remover
  • Retail Facilities
  • Mattress Wine Stains Removal
  • Mattress Warranty Issues
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