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Tiles enhance the beauty of our homes. When selecting tiles, they usually have their natural luster, full of glow and shine. As time passes, the glow and shine start to fade off, especially in spaces such as the kitchen where there is a lot of dirt and no use of carpets and other coverings for tiles. When this happens, tile replacement is an option, but very costly. You may have been trying to clean your tiles to no avail. Stubborn stains can get stuck on tiles, ruining the whole look. With Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services, here are some of the services you can expect for your tile cleaning Calgary.

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Tile Grout Cleaning

The grout is one of the parts that shape the overall look of the tiles. The small lines that are in between tiles influence the general glow of our tiles more than one can think. Moreover, tile and grout cleaning in Calgary can be challenging to handle on our own. Due to the deposit of dirt, minerals, and hard water, among many other things can cause the tile grout to be dirty. Removing such deposits can be hardened using regular detergents and a brush. At times, it seems to get dirtier after every clean. We have expert methods; oxygenation or steam grout cleaning that will have your tiles sparkling clean. Afterward, we will put up grout preservation measures such as grout sealing for the grout lines, making them look brand new. We do not only provide tile cleaning Calgary but also give solutions to the problem.

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Eco-Friendly Services (Hard Surfaces) Cleaners

One of the things we take pride in is that we offer eco-friendly services. Many people have children and pets who are more susceptible to harm from hazardous chemicals that are usually in cleaning reagents. Even adults can get major allergies that will make the cleaning job feel like a nuisance. That is why at Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Service, we look at eco-friendly tile and grout cleaning Calgary solutions. When we work on your home, the end result will offer you a clean and safe tile space to step on bare feet, and a comfortable area. We use our OxyG tile and grout cleaning technology to give you a comfortable home and a step forward in environmental conservation and protection.

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One of our recognizable traits is our affordability. Many people fear obtaining tile cleaning services, struggling with the cleaning job on their own. No need to worry anymore. You can get affordable Calgary tile cleaning from Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services. We are not only affordable but offer quality services. We will give you the deserved value for money with our quality services. There will be no dent in your pocket after working with us. Just a smile on your face and clean space for your feet.

If your tile needs cleaning in Calgary, Alberta, we are the team for you. You can get a free quote from us. Call us at (403) 452-4644 at any time for any inquiries.

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Essential Facts to Know About Tile Cleaning Services

Tiles are standard and are part of almost every home. With a lot of exposure, our tiles tend to pick up some dirt. At times, the accumulated dirt can be stubborn and very difficult to get rid of. No matter what you use and which detergent, there some stains that you should leave to the professionals.

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You may know all about tile cleaning services, but you may not know when it is time for you to get one. One of the most apparent indicators that you require tile cleaning is that there are is a decolorization of your tiles, which is not in a natural way. This is especially seen when the grout under cabinets, rugs, and other less-used areas are usually a different shade from the floors. Your tiles at this point will have started to dull out. The grout can also be discolored in some sections primarily due to hard water stains. If you are regularly cleaning your tiles, but it keeps getting dirtier, or if you do not love its look, it is time for tile cleaning services.
One of the major questions people usually have is how tile cleaning services are done in Calgary, Alberta. At Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Service, we utilize the best technology to make the tile cleaning be done efficiently and in the safest way possible. We use a natural oxygenation technique with natural cleaning products. The end product is not only a safe place to step on bare-feet but also a pleasant experience. Another way is through grout cleaning using a steam grout cleaning routine. This particular method focuses on embedded soil, mineral deposits, cooking grease, oil, or hard water scaling. This will leave your grout looking as good as new and the colors matching that of the floor.
Tile grouts are the spaces that are between tiles. Tile grouts being open spaces in a manner, they accumulate a lot of dirt. If the tile grout isn’t clean, it will not match the color of the rest of the floor, giving an uneven color scheme on your floor. This is not a desirable outcome. In dire states, tile grout cleaning doesn’t yield any results. The tile can also be chipping and breaking, making it have an unpleasing look. Tile grout cleaning can also be coupled up with grout sealing, which will provide preservation of your grout lines and grout stain removal.
Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services is the best team to work with for tile and grout cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta. We utilize safe equipment that will not create any reaction from your children or bring in any allergies. We are affordable, and our expertise enables us to work in both residential and commercial spaces. You will get a free estimate before any service you get, to allow you to budget yourself accordingly. Feel free to contact us for honest and reliable services at any time at (403) 452 4644.

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