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Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Airdrie – Professional Airdrie Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Airdrie by Oxy-Genie offers the highest quality, BABY AND PET SAFE, Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services. Our company provides excellent service at a reasonable price. We excel at cleaning carpets, mattresses, and furniture and removing pet stains and odours. Airdrie, Crossfield, Calgary, Carstairs, and Didsbury are all served. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible. 403-452-4644.

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Airdrie Carpet Cleaning IS Locally Owned

Oxy-Genie Carpet and Upholstery care use the most advanced truck-mounted professional carpet cleaning techniques and equipment to remove pet pee stains. Our method is known as Hot Water Extraction ( AKA Steam Cleaning). We will steam clean, deodorize, and spot-treat your carpet to restore its original beauty. Customers with dogs or who require a more thorough cleaning are given special attention. Even though we adhere to the highest standards, removing old, deeply ingrained stains can be difficult in cleaning carpets.

Cleaning of Carpet in Airdrie, Alberta, Removing Pet Stains

 High-Quality Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Airdrie – Expert Stain Removal

Oxy-genie professional upholstery care, steam cleaning is the best way to rejuvenate the beauty and extend the life of your fabric furniture, such as sofas, mattresses and chairs, and remove stains and odours. We thoroughly clean the couch using only the best cleaning materials to achieve the best results.

Top-Notch Carpet Steam Cleaning in Airdrie by Industry Masters

While Oxy-genie specialists in carpet cleaning, we DO NOT clean furnaces, windows, air ducts or duct cleaning, dryers or dryer vents, or dryer vents. However, we offer expert area rug cleaning, mattress, tile, and grout lines cleaning services; Everyone requires regular rest and sleep. Even so, dirt and urine accumulate on our beds, which must be cleaned regularly. We are the best mattress cleaners near you.

Stain Remover

Pet Urine Odors and Stains Removal from Carpets Cleaning

Pet urine stains are removed from carpets and furniture by Oxy-genie, your local professional carpet and upholstery cleaner. Your living situation will deteriorate if you detect an unpleasant odour from your pet’s pee. As part of our pet urine removal service, our cleaning specialists will remove all traces of pee stains from your carpet. We offer a more effective alternative to scented products and room deodorants. Oxy-Genie uses UV light to detect and remove pet stains from carpets and furniture.
Our expert carpet and furniture cleaning cleaners can remove pet urine odour. Many people have difficulty breathing. We provide services that will permanently eradicate odours in your home.

Carpet cleaning Airdrie

Expert Furniture – Carpet Stain Removal IN AiRDRIE (Great Results)


Do you have stains and odours on your carpet that will not come out no matter what you do? Some unattractive stains may have been produced by spilled tea, coffee, or pet urine from the family pet; no cleaning will remove them. The odour of urine from your pet and other foul odours are probably driving you insane. Oxy-Genie, located in Airdrie, Canada, is your local carpet cleaning company.


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Tile and Grout Cleaning Airdrie

To clean grout line, hire the best steam cleaning company. Many Albertans are so busy that they neglect their bathrooms, kitchens, tile, and grout. They appear dirty and off-white as a result of their lack of care. Avoid allergies and keep the bathroom looking clean; Call Oxy-genie, the Airdrie tile and grout cleaning experts, for a quote on cleaning your grout and tile.

Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Airdrie

Introducing Today’s Most Innovative Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Technologies: A well-equipped crew

Expert Area Rugs Cleaning Airdrie

We provide extensive equipment for cleaning and removing stains from area rugs. Our rug cleaning products can clean all types of materials regardless of their size-
Texture or shape, irrespective of the kind of home we clean or the odour issues.

Experience Steam Cleaning in Airdrie

Oxy-genie has earned a reputation as Airdrie’s most dependable residential and commercial cleaning service. We’ve discovered new ways to deal with a variety of cleaning issues, as well as new methods for effectively removing dirt from your home. Allow us to put our experience to work for you right away.

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Why should I clean my Airdrie carpet?

Carpet and rug steam cleaning have been around for a long time. Untidy carpets make a room seem shabby and limit the carpet’s lifetime. Carpet costs have grown due to inflation and other factors, so clean your carpet regularly to save money.

Is it true that cleaning my carpet would get rid of all smells and stains?

Most odours are often eliminated as part of the cleaning process when we clean your carpet in Airdrie.
However, remember that some odours, particularly those produced by cats and dogs, are more potent and may require additional treatment.

What should I do to be ready for professional carpet steam cleaning service?

Always ask the mattress cleaning company what they require to complete their work ahead of time. This way, there will be no problems. Vacuuming your rug is recommended. At Oxy-genie, we have access to all of our tools.

How Much Does Professional Carpets Cleaning Cost in Airdrie?

The prices of most carpet steam cleaning in town can vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors. These include the size of the room, the type of carpet material, the cleaning procedure, the cost of services, the method, and the equipment used.

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About Airdrie

A population of 79,163 people and a population density of 883 inhabitants per square kilometer. There are a total of 38 neighborhoods in Airdrie. Morningside is the neighborhood with the greatest livability score, while Airdrie Meadows has the most population. The Airdrie, AB, neighborhood map is an excellent tool for determining whether some neighborhoods have a better Livability Score than others.

About Us

Because Oxy-genie in Airdrie values its clients, you can expect pleasant service from start to end. Our carpet cleaning professional will notify you ahead of time of the length of our cleaning services and will even text or email you when we are on our way. We utilize green cleaning solutions to have the least amount of impact on the environment, pet and human safe.

Best Cleaning Service in Airdrie

  • We have a professional appearance and keep your house tidy while we are there!

  • We are adequately equipped to tackle any task.

  • The Oxy-Genie cleaning crew is a friendly group to make your life easy!
  • Everything in our cleaning products is green-label certified because we care about the environment.

customers Reviews

Customer Reviews
Oxy-Genie carpet cleaners staff did an excellent job helping us steam clean the bedrooms and the carpeting on the staircase in our new house on Big Springs Court South-east in Airdrie. To my surprise, the entire process was simple and enjoyable! It was a pleasure to work with Ken, my cleaning technician, who assisted me in making the most of my money.

Stan Robinson

Big Springs Court South-east

That was an incredible adventure! Thank the OxyGenie carpet and furnace cleaning in the town of Airdrie team for thoroughly cleaning our mattresses. My cleaner did an excellent job cleaning and removing the odour of urine and sweat stains left by my pet. From start to finish, the procedure was relatively simple.

Karen Cheever

Spring Haven Court South-east.

Ken was accommodating and patient as I bombarded him with questions and changed my mind about area rug cleaning a dozen times. Professional and timely communication, as well as a genuine desire to make things right. We are pleased with the cleaning results and would recommend it.

Edith Hoyt

Alpine Crescent South-east

We consciously decided to call Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning, when we moved into our new home on Coopers Crescent South-West. Because the previous owner had left the house without cleaning it, everything was in disarray when I arrived. Ken’s work on both the tile and carpet cleaning tasks. We are impressed with Ken’s level of personal care as well as his level of competence and knowledge.

Carole S. Halverson

Coopers Crescent South-west

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