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Oxy-genie provides natural rug and furniture cleaning services, safe for dogs and the entire family members at high vacuum and temperatures up to 235 degrees Fahrenheit. We specialize in residential and commercial carpet cleaning  High River, Alberta (quickest dry times.) The professional carpet cleaners from Oxy-Genie in High River provide a wide range of services, including tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, removal of spot stains and pet stains, elimination of pet odors, and deep high heat carpet cleaning. Oxy-Genie will assist in guaranteeing that you receive another opportunity to appreciate utilizing your precious objects (carpets), regardless of the quantity of dirt that is now residing in your carpets or couches.


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High River Carpet Steam Cleaning – Best Local Carpet Cleaners

Let’s be honest: vacuuming your carpets doesn’t inspire excitement in most people. We specialize in carpet cleaning at OxyGenie Cleaning Services, located in High River, Alberta. Our group completely understands how you are currently feeling. Our main aim is to make this procedure as uncomplicated and trouble-free as is humanly possible. Team OxyG aims to cater to your requirements while causing you as little disruption as possible in your day-to-day activities.




Upholstery Cleaning

We provide an efficient and risk-free cleaning that removes dirt and grease from your furniture, leaving it clean and odor free. Our services include furniture cleaning and sofa care. Our skilled upholstery cleaners will start by comprehensively assessing your couch to create the most efficient cleaning approach to fit your needs. Based on the findings of this investigation, we will then go to work cleaning your sofa. Give us a call as soon as possible if you want the aesthetic appeal of your products to be preserved for an extended period.



Upholstery Cleaning High River, Carpet Cleaning High River, Alberta, Canada
Tile and Grout Cleaning High River

Tile & Grout – Upholstery Cleaning – Professional Carpet Care

Tile and Grout Cleaning | Renewing the Grout Lines: If you need tile cleaning in Okotoks, look no further than the pros at Oxy-Genie. They’ll leave your floors looking like new.



Odor Removal Services – window cleaning 

A foul odor in your home might be caused by a variety of things, including the presence of a pet, cigarette smoke, or decay. Because odor particles in the air may embed themselves in the couch and other porous surfaces, which can stain fabrics and dry-wall, these odors can linger for an extended period, requiring the service of High River odor removal by the Oxy-Genie.

 Carpet and Upholstery Pet Stain Treatment

Pet urine stain removal, Carpet Stain treatment Call NOW to book 403-452-4644! Carpet Pet Stains Removal, Urine Odor Treatment, Wine, coffee Stain Removal and more: Mattress Stain Treatment.


Carpet Stain Removal, High River, Alberta, Pet Stain Removal, Carpet Cleaning
High River Carpet Cleaning Services

Mattress Cleaning – Urine Stain Removal

Full mattress sanitation, including removal of urine, blood, and other types of stains, as well as treatment for mattress odor.

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Carpet and Mattress Cleaning Review

“It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with Oxy-Genie  Cleaners. The technician, Ken, was tremendously helpful in customizing our cleaning package. He paid attention to areas that I had not even considered, and the end product of the cleaning looked fantastic. The mattress, in particular the king size, is fantastic. Working with Oxy-genie Cleaning Services in High River, Alberta, was a pleasure, and I plan to do business with them again shortly.”

Karlee Nolan

200 Highwood Village Place North-west,

Carpet Steam Cleaning Review

Our house in Highwood Village Place North-West, High River, was meticulously cleaned by the Oxy-Genie crew, who did an excellent job overall. Because the home has three levels, the cleaning was by no means a straightforward endeavour. Ken showed incredible restraint and attention to our needs during each level of the planning process, even until we decided on our strategies for steam cleaning. Because I have years of experience in the construction industry, I had several specific requirements, all of which were satisfied by the result. I was blown away by the extraordinary leadership and attention to the task Ken, the cleaning professional, displayed throughout the process. There was not a single item that he neglected or failed to notice. We are delighted with the cleaning service that we received and will use your company again.

Vada Douglas

Highwood Village Place North-West
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Quick Dry High River Rug Cleaning?

You’ve probably thought about this at some point: why bother having your carpets cleaned if they take many hours or even a whole day to dry after being cleaned? I like your question. Since winter has come, how long do you think you’ll be able to keep your kids and pets home? The Oxy-genie cleaning solution is spotless and dries faster than most rug cleaners in High River, Alberta.

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Oxy-Genie At our home on Hampshire Crescent NE in High River, Alberta, Kenie performed an excellent job assisting us with steam cleaning the tile and grout lines in our entry and kitchen areas. The experience of working with Keni was quite enjoyable.

Shirley Gulgowski

Hampshire Crescent NE - High River
Service: Tile Cleaning

Working with Ken from Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaners in High River was a pleasure working to clean the enormous sofa in our basement living room. I had many ideas but struggled to determine precisely what I wanted and loved. Ken answered all the pertinent questions and set to work; the results were outstanding.

Antonette Torphy

High Park Drive North-west,High River
Service: Sofa Cleaning

Stain Removal Review

Having used OxyGenie Cleaning Services has been such a wonderful experience for me. This service was highly suggested to me by my mother-in-law, and I am so happy that I decided to go ahead and use it. The entire process was uncomplicated and, to my surprise, a lot of fun! My carpet steam cleaning professional assisted me in removing all of the stains from the basement flooring, which was one of our primary concerns because we had a significant amount of water damage stains. I want to express my gratitude to Oxy-genie Carpet Cleaning Services and let you know I will be back!

Daryl Schmeler

MacLeod Trail SW in High River.  Service: Stains Removal

Why Should You Hire Us?

Since we have years of experience in cleaning upholstered goods and carpets professionally, we know all there is to be aware of about this industry, and we are still learning and growing. We currently provide the most outstanding carpet steam cleaning service we’ve ever had in High River, Alberta, due to our expanding staff and happy clients who choose us for their cleaning needs. For our specialists to be eligible for their steam cleaning certification, they must go through an intense training program that lasts for a whole year.

How often should you get your carpet cleaned in High River, Alberta?

On the carpet, could you please remove any objects that aren’t securely fastened down, such as shoes, toys, or furniture? This will make it easier for the professional to clean your carpets thoroughly and devote as much time as necessary to cleaning them in order to obtain the finest potential results.

When you are finished cleaning my carpets, how long will it take for them to completely dry out?

The length of time required for your carpet to dry may range anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the kind of carpet fiber, the height of the carpet pile, the temperature both inside and outside, and other considerations. When we clean carpets, we employ a high-temperature steam cleaning method that leaves the surface just slightly moist and makes it perfectly safe to walk on right away.

How much does it cost to have the carpets at your home in High River cleaned using steam?

Given that each house and place of business in High River, Alberta, is distinct, it stands to reason that each carpet steam cleaning job is unique. Our expert professionals will take the time to learn about your specific needs, following which they will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We will always give you the best price we have to offer, whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a large multi-story building, without ever decreasing the level of the carpet cleaning services we provide for you in any way, shape, or form.

I selected this carpet cleaning company in High River mainly because they have a stellar reputation for providing exceptional customer service. Their attitude and the quality of the job they did on my rental house were outstanding. Keni ensured that I was satisfied with the project’s particulars and responded to all of my inquiries promptly and comprehensively. He went above and beyond what was required of him.

Lavern Stiedemann

Home Place South-east, High River, Alberta

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