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Oxy-Genie Calgary is pleased to announce that the company now offers its home customers in Strathmore steam carpet cleaning services. Oxy-Genie is here to give the finest in environmentally friendly cleaning services to the community of Strathmore, which well deserves it. All around the town of Strathmore, we provide cleaning services that are held in high regard and are of the highest quality. Assisting the home of Wheatland Kings and the Rockies call our phone number.


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    We are delighted to inform you that Oxy-Genie is now providing its quick dry  carpet cleaning services, and we look forward to working with you. We will clean your carpet utilizing a steam cleaning method that is harmless for the environment and won’t put you, your family, or your pets in danger by exposing you to potentially hazardous chemicals while cleaning your carpet. We will clean your carpet using a technique that is not harmful to the surrounding natural environment.
    Free to give us a call if you require the assistance of an experienced rug cleaning professional. In the area of Strathmore, Alberta, you won’t discover another carpet cleaner that offers service that is either superior or more secure than those provided by Oxy-genie Rug Cleaning Service.

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In addition, we can clean upholstered furniture. Dirt, dust, and even the dander from your cat may collect on your upholstery over time, making it an ideal breeding ground for various unsavoury substances. Because of this, it is essential to clean consistently. We use a cutting-edge oxygenated cleaning method that can swiftly restore the like-new appearance of your sofa, chairs, and any other upholstered furniture you have in your home. Even better, since our cleaning solution is entirely natural, this cutting-edge method will clean your upholstery without causing any potentially damaging side effects. We will do our best to make your upholstery look better and last longer.

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Carpet Odor Removal – Rug Cleaning

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Contact the Oxy-Genie carpet cleaners Ab. if you have observed that your carpet is beginning to smell or if it has an issue with pet urine. We are pleased to assist anyone in the Strathmore region who wishes to eliminate carpet odours or remove pet stains from carpets. With Oxy-Genie, eliminating odours from carpets is easier than ever. Thanks to our eco-friendly rug cleaning method, the smell of your carpet will refresh temporarily or permanently. Residents no longer have to worry about unpleasant pet redolences lingering in their carpets, as our service to eradicate carpet odours are now available in this city.



Pet Stain Removal

Not only can pets leave behind disagreeable scents, but they also leave behind disagreeable stains. The good news is that our carpet cleaning services will remove pet stains and the “stains” left behind by the cleanup of pet pee. Dial the number for Oxy-Genie the next time you want someone to remove pet stains. Many organizations specializing in removing pet stains in Strathmore have difficulty doing it efficiently without endangering the cherished animals that are the source of the spots. Our all-natural cleaning product is not only risk-free but also quite efficient; therefore, this presents no difficulty. At Oxy-Genie Ab., we can eliminate many different kinds of stains, including those from beer and wine.

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Oxy-genie will offer you a cleaning service of the best possible quality that will either meet or go above and beyond your expectations.



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We are distinguished from the competition  by several key characteristics. We differentiate ourselves from the other area cleaning firms in the following ways: Give us a call at 403-452-4644.
If you are looking for a cleaner who delivers exceptional results without harming your home, family, pets, or environment, you have come to the right place. If you are interested in our services, we will be glad to provide you with a quote.


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I have used Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services at my site, which is located on Aspen Creek Crescent, in the past, and I must say that I was delighted with the level of service they offered. This time, I’ve decided to hire Oxy-Genie to clean the carpets in all three of my bedrooms. Ken, who works for Oxy-Genie, offered me a plethora of knowledge, a selection of other options, and significant price reductions. After we placed our signatures on the contract, Ken and his team wasted no time working on the cleaning project we had assigned to them. They made this procedure simple and uncomplicated; it went off without a hitch; they were highly professional; the job they produced was very high quality.

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