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Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Strathmore – Rug Cleaning & Eco-Friendly Carpet Services- Pet Stain Removal

Oxy-Genie is the foremost carpet cleaning service in Strathmore. Our commitment to immaculate carpeting and environmentally sound carpet treatments offers you the best of both worlds. You will be graced with a cleaner, bolder home as our trained technicians rejuvenate your beloved carpeting and rugs by adopting green practices. Relax and take comfort in the fact that, with gentle footprint, Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services offers peerless service.

Hire the Best Carpet Cleaners in Strathmore for Your Rug and Carpet Cleaning Needs

For all your high grade carpet cleaning services Strathmore, AB calls up Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services! Oxy-Genie is your guaranteed rug cleaner creating wonders with greener products in carpet cleaning in addition to upholstery cleaning for Strathmore, Alberta. Oxy-Genie is your true, mastered carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and furniture cleaning and heightening the industry to ecological levels of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning by taking advantage of the latest in steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technology!

Not just capable of cleaning all types of rugs, we excel in residential and commercial, area rug cleaning! Using Oxy-Genie in Strathmore guarantees each unique area rug the clean you want! This call can apply to upholstery cleaning from Oxy-Genie as well. Upholstery cleaning by Oxy-Genie in Strathmore makes your furniture look new! Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Strathmore is dedicated to lessening our ecological foot print while preserving your health.

Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services is the “green” answer to the contradiction of cleaning and ecological concerns. We are not just a service; when you use our service, you are entering a personal partnership with the very best experts in the economical and effective cleaning of your carpets and upholstery. Give us a try and see how our award-winning carpet cleaners in Strathmore can assure quality, dependability and eco-friendly practices. Enjoy the feeling and looks of your carpets and upholstery.

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Strathmore, AB

When it comes to maintaining a pristine home environment, the need for eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in Strathmore, AB cannot be overstated. Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services stands at the forefront of providing Strathmore residents with outstanding carpet and rug cleaning solutions that honor the environment. Utilizing advanced techniques that ensure rigorous cleaning without compromising on green standards, our cleaning services adeptly remove dirt, stains, and allergens from carpets and rugs. Our commitment to eco-friendly principles means we don’t just clean your carpets; we ensure a safe, non-toxic environment for Calgary’s families.

As the premier provider of cleaning services, Oxy-Genie is committed to sustainable practices and methods for cleaning which combines the effectiveness of a deep clean with the peace of mind from environmentally responsible practices.
The choice is clear – whether it’s a one-time clean or one of our “make your home or business Sparkle” cleaning packages, for your Strathmore home or business, our friendly staff appreciate the difference between a house which is tidy and a home that is clean and can tailor a carpet cleaning or rug cleaning package to suit your needs. We are passionate about producing amazing results that will help make a cleaner, greener Calgary. Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services is the right cleaning company for cleaning carpet – so let us show you the difference that a cleaner, greener approach to carpet cleaning can make for your space – with a fresh and cleaner finish.

Why Hire Us?

  1. Deep Cleaning and Sanitization: Steam cleaning goes deep down into the fibres of your carpet, getting out the dirt no other method can reach. This level of cleanliness is essential for the health of your home environment.

  2. Longevity of Carpets: Steam cleaning removes abrasive particles, like sand, from deep in your carpet. These particles can wear down your carpet’s fibres and we all know what happens when fibres get damaged people notice!
  3. Eradication of Stubborn Stains and Odors: If you’ve tried everything to get out that seemingly indelible coffee stain and still not experiencing the results you’re seeking, it may be time to call in the experts. Steam cleaning companies such are equipped to treat even the most discolored carpeting and are called upon regularly to effectively treat damage caused by pets, red wine spills, and smoke.
  4. Improve Air Quality: If you guys have been breathing in dust, pet dander, pollen and other particles trapped in your carpet, you’ve been breathing in lower quality air that may be affecting your health. Having a professional steam clean your carpets will eliminate these impurities from your carpet, thus allowing for cleaner air to be circulated in your home. Increased air quality is especially beneficial for those with allergies or Asthma
  5. Professional Expertise and Efficiency: Due to expertise and accreditation, carpet cleaners can perform their job through offering quality outcomes. They will understand the most ideal approach to handle every problem that comes along with the process of carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners are experts in carpet cleaning. This is guaranteed; no matter the type of carpet placed in offices, homes or schools. Expert carpet cleaners know how to offer the best service. By use of skill, they are well able to identify the best method that they can use to provide carpet cleaning service. Since the tools used embrace electric or steam power, carpet cleaners need to be experts on the best usage of carpet cleaning tools. Carpet cleaners’ expertise ensures that perfect work is done. So, for the best-expected outcomes for the carpet, go for Professional help.
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Professional Upholstery Cleaning and Rug Cleaning in Strathmore

Situated in Strathmore, AB, Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services is your one stop shop for all of your carpet, rugs and upholstery cleaning requirements and has an excellent attention to detail including being environmentally friendly. Your purchase of cleaning and maintenance with Oxy-genie products ensure the cleanliness of your home is complete by utilizing the unique upholstery cleaning principles that have been developed and maintaining a high level of cleaning and sanitizing your furniture along with maintaining the environment. Our highly trained technicians specialize in both (even both) domestic and commercial upholstery cleaning techniques so that you can have peace of mind that even the most delicate fabrics are in safe hands with a highly trained technician and they can identify the fabric and use best product and technique, not for the fabric but the stain as well. All of our methods of cleaning disinfect, sanitizes and also deodorizes to ensure the health of your family and/or of your customers as well the method themselves. and the carpet and they is no detergents and will kill dust mites. Additionally, it is one of the most recommended services by the after-construction cleaning service.

Additionally, we offer professional rug cleaning to combat any dirt or contaminants that collect in your rugs while also preserving their color and texture!! Strathmore residents know that with our state of the art equipment and highly trained and licensed professionals your carpets or rugs will get a clean like no other. Our deep cleaning, yet gentle solutions will sanitize your carpet providing you with a safe and comfortable living space. At NYC Steam Cleaning we specialize in shampooing rugs and our eco rug cleaning techniques will ensure that you get the best clean possible.

Oxy-Genie Cleaning services provides the best in cleaning for all Strathmore customers with services like carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We look forward to providing you with the best and safest clean for all your carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. After all, who doesn’t want their carpets to be the cleanest they can be? There is no better way to achieve this than with Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services. We are committed to using safe and efficient cleaning agents and procedures when providing our services. Our eco-friendly activities are focused on safeguarding the environment. Furthermore, get the best, efficient and professional clean from us that will give you the deepest clean at your home. We hope to help maintain the beauty of Strathmore and the world!

OxyGenie Cleaner: A Carpet Cleaner That Delivers Healthier, Deeper Clean in Strathmore

When thinking of carpet cleaning companies in Strathmore, AB you need to know a bit about the town first. The Strathmore community is a clean, safe, and sustainable community with exceptional services. With that being said we can now talk a bit about the latest and easiest carpet cleaning in Strathmore.

We live in Strathmore! OxyGenie Carpet Cleaning is a company that is revolutionizing the cleaning industry. OxyGenie Strathmore Carpet Cleaning is a locally owned company at the forefront of ecological cleaning, offering suitable solutions for homes, apartments, and commercial. At OxyGenie Carpet Cleaning they do not just clean your carpet. We remove dirt, bacteria and allergens and leave you with a healthier home.

To acquire Oxy-Genie as your carpet cleaner is bringing your floors to the trusted professionals who get out hardest more set-in stains with almost zero water. This ‘Low-moisture’ process is the reason for our quick in and quick out nature also requiring less dry time. So while the preferred method of cleaning is the ‘Low-moisture’ process the added health benefit is the carpets just simply being cleaner and healthier then they would be if steam was used. Cleaning carpets in Strathmore hasn’t been any easier then calling us.

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Contact Carpet Cleaning Experts in Strathmore for a Free Price Estimate

As clients perusing for the unmatched cleaning of floor coverings in Strathmore, AB get in touch with Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services they’ll promptly see our prominence for floor covering cleaning is legitimate. Oxy-Genie-Experts in Cleaning comprehend rug cleaning to its center; too how to perform it eco-friendly, leaving floor coverings and Mats not just unreservedly from dust, as well as not harmful to the planet. All our customers had to do is get in touch with for a no-cost Free price assessment.
By Choosing our company you are selecting a one of a kind carpet cleaning experience. Our quotes are customized to your individual needs we can handle emergency and routine cleaning sites, so why toiled a way for an hour trying to find a service you can rely on when our phone number puts you in touch with professional help and top level service. We don’t just clean your carpets, we clean them to a higher and healthier standard – one you would find in other professional industry, Oxy-Genie is just one of many.
It is an effortless procedure to contract our services, just ring up Oxy-genie Cleaning Services and instantly, get connected with our team of professionals who can drastically uplift your abode to unimaginable standards. Secure your free price_estimate today, Strathmore residents can count on our carpet cleaning team to provide them with an honest appraisal. For a breath of fresh air, gander over with our carpet cleaning experts now, Strathmore.

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