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The success of your business in Calgary is dependent on first impressions. Having the carpet steam cleaned also makes a significant difference. It demonstrates to your customers that you are attentive to the finer points of the transaction. Your employees are protected from the grime they encounter while walking outside on the street regularly. It safeguards the investment you’ve made in your company. You can know that your company is in good hands when you work with OxyGenie Commercial Carpet Cleaning Calgary to maintain your rugs and furniture. They have years of experience in the industry.

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A speedy drying time – carpet cleaning Calgary 

Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services offers carpet cleaning that is gentler on the natural environment by using the potent deodorizing and sanitizing properties of oxygenation technology. Carpet cleaning done in an environmentally friendly manner is not only pleasant to the earth, but it is also highly successful at removing all of the bacteria and allergens common in most offices in Calgary, Alberta. Using the Oxy-Genie Calgary commercial carpet cleaning process, your workplace carpets will dry in fewer than four hours. If you used a different method, the rugs would take days to dry.

Flawless Results in Commercial Carpet 

Get the best service possible with Oxy-Genie’s cleaning in Calgary; our prices are so low compared to those of our competitors that you cannot help but save money by working with us. You are looking for the best carpet cleaning company to provide service to your business. Give us a shot, will you? Your carpets will appear brand new once we have cleaned them using our cutting-edge technology and in a professional manner. We may execute any necessary cleaning services to keep your office or retail space open for business during the night or early morning hours.

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Based on 139 reviews
Ken provides remarkable customer service, and I like his suggestions. Since he began assisting me, the flooring in my home has undergone incredible transformations. I am delighted with how it turned out in the end.
Hannah van de Velde
I've had the privilege to work with this Oxy-Genie crew of experienced carpet and furniture cleaners on various commercial and residential projects. They deliver on their promises, are freely accessible, and respond immediately to any questions. We are overjoyed and hope to hire them again when we have future cleaning needs.
Katherine Davenport
When it came to cleaning the tile and grout in our home, working with the crew from Calgary Oxy-Genie was a wonderful experience. Mr. Marcus grasped our vision for the kitchen flooring and took measures to ensure that the final product was aesthetically pleasing and secure for use around infants and animals. Having Ken and his team there for us every step of the way during our project was by far the best experience we could have wished for. Regarding tile and grout line cleaning in Calgary, Oxy-Genie is highly recommended.
Joseph Cruz
In 2022, after a long search for someone to help us steam clean our Calgary, NW. House, we stumbled across Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services on Google. Ken and his crew were hired to start the cleaning process. Keni demonstrated his years of cleaning experience while remaining patient and honest with us. He supplied thoughtful and inventive cleaning solutions. Team Oxy-Genie was understanding. We adore our clean carpets and enthusiastically recommend Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services for any of your cleaning needs in Calgary, NW.
Sergio Garay
Working with Calgary Oxy-Genie has been a fantastic experience. Their team is made up of professional, approachable, and knowledgeable people. Working with Ken has been a pleasure, and he has taught us new things about steam cleaning. I would recommend this fantastic company!
Dre Klouth
I was very very impressed with the customer service and professionalism. Did a fantastic job cleaning our pet stained carpet. Definitely will use them again. Highly recommended.
David William
My family in Langdon, Alberta, especially Ken, a professional carpet cleaner at Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning, highly recommends him. KEN deserves a huge thank you. He is very knowledgeable and quick to respond, and he did a great job cleaning the white fabric on my furniture.
Deangelo Kulas
My first steam cleaning with Oxy-genie in Airdrie went well, was done on time, and was priced right. Service and attention to detail surprised me in a good way. Everyone on staff, but especially Ken, took great care of me.
Lynn O'Neil
We have been Oxy-genie customers for a very long time, and this time we had the good fortune to have Ken clean our home. The OxyGenie crew cleaned the three bedrooms and our den as part of this project. For all of their effort, we are highly appreciative to all.
Amber Holmes
We are very pleased with Ken's condominium carpet cleaning service in Cochrane, Alberta, which he cleaned and supervised. The oxy-genie team is knowledgeable, imaginative, adaptable, and trustworthy. They have high expectations of the trades with whom they work. Cochrane, Alberta's best.
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 Professional Carpet – Steam Cleaning – cleaning services 

Our company is known for providing exceptional service to our clients regarding cleaning industrial carpets in Calgary, Alberta. Oxy-Genie has many years of experience in commercial carpet cleaning in Calgary. Our IICRC-certified specialists can provide excellent service guaranteed by a satisfaction guarantee for our customers. There is no stress involved with the scheduling. When you work with us, you decide the most convenient time. Give us a call right now to get a free carpet cleaning estimate for your office flooring.

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Commercial Carpet Stain Removal – Carpet

Your office flooring investment will be worn down over time if it is subjected to excessive foot traffic in addition to grime, coffee, ink stains, and soil, all of which will accumulate deep into your commercial carpets. Your industrial flooring will have an unappealing appearance if it is subject to the inevitable spills and stains that result from grease, tea, coffee, or chewing gum. Not only can these pollutants make your investment look worse, but they can also be a home for microorganisms like bacteria that can hurt the crew. Oxy-Genie  professional carpet cleaners – provides professional carpet cleaning so that you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier office space. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering an unmatched customer experience, producing exceptional results using the safest GREEN cleaning solutions while keeping our costs fair with no hidden fees.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Calgary

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You can trust the commercial cleaning crew at OxyGenie to service your office spaces or building regularly, keeping it looking polished and ready to conduct business, which is sure to attract the attention of guests and potential buyers. When it comes to providing our industrial cleaning services to our business clients that have warehouses, commercial high-rises, and office construction, our cleaning specialists have the necessary experience, knowledge, and commitment.

Experience Office Carpet Cleaning

You can depend on our experience. Since we entered the cleaning profession over 15 years ago, we have continually raised the bar for all others to follow. A large number of pleased customers has attested to the effectiveness of our services. Every one of our technicians has undergone extensive, high-quality training and a wealth of industry experience.

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• Retail Store & Mall Cleaning
• Property Management
• Office Move-in – Move-out Cleaning
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• Medical Office Carpet Cleaning (Doctor, dentist)
• Showrooms
• Churches
When you contact OxyGenie Carpet Cleaners for cleaning your upholstery and cleaning your business carpeting in Calgary, Alberta, you can rest assured that the quality of our services will surpass or meet your expectations. We use only the highest-quality carpet-cleaning machines and chemicals to clean your assets thoroughly.

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Our company, Oxy-Genie, has shown more than once that it is the best carpet cleaner in Calgary. Cleaning your home shouldn’t be a difficult or stressful task. We promise that if you choose us as your cleaning company in Calgary, you’ll never be sorry. Please give us a call if you want to talk to us.

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