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Oxy-genie Your local Okotoks upholstery and carpet cleaning company has been cleaning carpets and area rugs in the MD Foothills region for nearly two decades. We are one of Okotoks’s most respected carpet steam cleaners and can care for your residential carpet, upholstery, tile, and grout line needs. Oxy-Genie offers carpet cleaning in Okotoks and serves the entire Okotoks-MD Foothills area and beyond with high-calibre cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. We have earned a distinguished reputation in the cleaning industry over several years, and the high number of satisfied customers who have recommended our services makes us superior to any other Okotoks cleaning company. We are a locally owned and operated carpet steam cleaning service that is family-owned.

Cleaning Carpet Stains in Okotoks, Alberta

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Okotoks Baby/pet Carpet Cleaning Service

Oxy-Genie carpet cleaning professionals are knowledgeable, safe, insured, and licensed. Our first focus is to provide high-quality sofa and carpet steam cleaning at reasonable pricing. Oxy-genie continually updates our cleaning processes and equipment to ensure that your fine textiles are cleaned using the most current, cutting-edge steam cleaning procedures. Our crew will take the time to address any issues you may have as part of our exceptional customer service. We believe that the more you learn about us, the more likely you will choose us as your premium cleaning service.
When you need help cleaning your carpet, the experts at Oxy-Genie in Okotoks can help—considered to be among the most trustworthy firms in the region that specialize in cleaning carpets. Steam cleaning Okotoks – Carpet Cleaners Near Me.




Upholstery Cleaners Okotoks

Steam cleaning sofa services, we offer you effective and safe cleaning that lifts grime, removes soil and leave your furniture fresh.



Upholstery Cleaning Okotoks
Affordable Tile-Cleaners

Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning Okotoks

Tile Cleaning | Grout lines refreshen: The well-trained and experienced specialists at Oxy-Genie will deliver the best tile cleaning services in Okotoks for your residence or commercial establishment, leaving hard surfaces in pristine condition thereafter.



Professional Odor Removal in Okotoks

Oxy-Genie provides odor removal services that can rid your home of the smell of a cat or dog, as well as the smell of food, cigar smoke, or any other odor that may be bothersome to you.

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Expert pet urine stain removal, Call NOW to book 403-452-4644!


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Okotoks Rock Cleaning Carpets

Okotoks Mattress Cleaning

Sanitization of the mattress in its entirety, removal of urine, blood, and other types of stains, and treatment of the mattress’ odor

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This firm, Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services, is fantastic! They conducted the steam cleaning of my area rug as well as my mattress here at Westridge Place in Okotoks. I don’t think I have enough positive things to say about how the cleaning came out so beautifully. On the other hand, Ken from OxyGenie paid close attention to my concerns. I want to thank the OxyG team.

Dana Burgess

Westridge Place

The cleaning services provided by Oxy-genie were highly recommended to me by my mother. Her brother has used them often and has nothing but positive things to say about them. In addition, I am fully content with the job they have done for me. They are true carpet cleaning professionals in every sense of the word; they are sincere, punctual, responsible, and courteous. The pricing was likewise within defined bounds. I have nothing but praise for them and look forward to continuing my collaboration with their organization. Best Okotoks carpet cleaning services

Candice Herrera

Sandstone Ridge Crescent
Okotoks Town Carpet cleaning Okotoks
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Why Pick Us for Your Okotoks Area Rug Cleaning?

As a reliable cleaning service for area rugs in Okotoks, we make sure your rugs look better and last longer. Furthermore, Oxy-Genie technicians guarantee that the surface of area rugs will be free of pet urine stains and odors. You can expect the best results ever because we look at your rug carefully and use Oxy-Genie’s safest, greenest cleaning products to clean it.

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Keni and his colleagues have just finished steam cleaning our three-bedroom house. They performed an excellent job, and we are very content with how things turned out. Ken exhibited high levels of integrity, assistance, and expertise. He and his helper carried out all of our instructions to the letter. They have a high degree of reliability. We are grateful to Oxy-Genie Carpet Steam Cleaning in Okotoks for their service.

Leslie Watson

Patterson Road
Service: Steam Cleaning

I obtained four estimates for cleaning the upholstery in my home in Okotoks. Since Ken at Oxy-Genie Cleaning Services provided the most acceptable and reasonable estimate, I chose to work with him and his company. I am relieved that I went ahead with it because they did an excellent job, of high quality, at a very reasonable price. I am utterly content with the final result and will enthusiastically suggest it.

Stephen Bryant

Heritage Crescent
Service: Upholstery Cleaning

My experience with these Okotoks carpet cleaners was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend them. They were hired to remove pet stains from the carpet in our basement, and the job they accomplished was of extremely good quality at a very reasonable price. It was a pleasure to deal with the cleaning staff since they were punctual, highly professional, and honest. courteous and well-kept. The job went off without a hitch and was completed on schedule and without exceeding my spending limit. The most essential thing is that the cleaning results are stunning! Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful service, OxyGenie!


Jene Kendrick

Sandstone Court.  Service: Pet Stains Removal

Why Should You Hire Us?

We have been professionally cleaning carpets and furniture for decades, so we know everything there is to know about the field. We now have the best home carpet steam cleaning service we’ve ever had in Okotoks, Alberta, thanks to our growing team and our satisfied customers who keep coming back. Before our professionals can get their certification in steam cleaning, they have to go through a year of intensive training.

How often should one get their carpets cleaned in Okotoks?

Flooring in areas with little foot traffic only needs to be cleaned once a year, while carpets with high foot traffic should be cleaned every half a year for the best results. Carpet cleaning should be done at least once every three months in households where there are both children and pets. Even lighter-colored carpets have to be cleaned once every six months. If a member of your family suffers from allergies, you should probably clean the house once every two months to ensure their continued good health and level of comfort. Last but not least, if you have a smoker in the house, the ash and odor they leave behind may require more frequent cleaning of the carpets.

Professional carpet cleaners can eliminate pet urine stains and smells.

A trained carpet cleaner can determine the most effective steam cleaning method for removing pet stains and odours from carpets. Some cleaning methods may exacerbate these aromas, whereas others will remove surface odours but not more pervasive ones. It is crucial to note that urine and faces can penetrate carpets, padding, and even subflooring under the right conditions. A professional carpet cleaner may need to elevate your carpets to clean the carpet underlay or base.

Should I get a new carpet or clean the one I have?

It is a good idea to replace your rugs if they pose a potential threat to your health, such as when they store mildew or trigger allergies. If your carpets have a few stains on them, you probably won’t need the aid of a professional cleaner in Okotoks to get them back to their brilliant state. In addition, to wear and tear, a carpet over ten years old with signs of fading, matting, ripples, wrinkles, or a lack of support may indicate that it is time to replace the flooring.

Do you service the whole of the Okotoks area?

Lists of Streets in Okotoks we Serve: Okotoks carpet  cleaning services

List of Street Names in Okotoks, Alberta, We Serve: 100 Carr Place, 100 Downey Place, 100 Hunters Place, 100 Sheep River Drive, 100 Sunset Place, 100 Suntree Place, 100 Welch Place, 200 Carr Place, 200 Downey Place, 200 Hunters Place, 200 Sunset Place, 200 Suntree Place, 200 Welch Place, 2a Highway, 300 Downey Place, 300 Sunset Place, 300 Suntree Place, 32 Street East, 338 Avenue East, 400 Suntree Place, 42 Street East, 500 Downey Place,

549 Highway, 600 Downey Place, 7 Highway, 800 Downey Place, Alberta Avenue, Alcock Close, Alcock Street, Ardiel Drive, Banister Drive, Banister Gate, Big Rock Lane, Big Rock Trail, Billy Haynes Trail, Cameron Close, Carr Crescent, Centre Avenue, Centre Court, Cimarron Bay, Cimarron Boulevard, Cimarron Circle, Cimarron Close, Cimarron Common, Cimarron Court, Cimarron Crescent, Cimarron Drive, Cimarron Estates Drive, Cimarron Estates Green, Cimarron Estates Road, Cimarron Estates Way, Okotoks, Cimarron Green, Cimarron Grove Bay, Cimarron Grove Circle, Cimarron Grove Close, Cimarron Grove Crescent, Okotoks, Cimarron Grove Drive, Cimarron Grove Gate, Cimarron Grove Rise, Cimarron Grove Road, Cimarron Grove Way, Cimarron Hill, Cimarron Meadows

Bay, Cimarron Meadows Close, Cimarron Meadows Crescent, Cimarron Meadows Link, Okotoks, Cimarron Meadows Road, Cimarron Meadows Way, Cimarron Park Bay, Cimarron Park Bay, Cimarron Park Circle, Cimarron Park Close, Cimarron Park Cove, Cimarron Park Green, Cimarron Park Mews, Cimarron Park Place, Cimarron Park Place, Cimarron Point, Cimarron Rise, Cimarron Springs Gate, Cimarron Springs Link, Cimarron Springs Link, Cimarron Springs Link, Cimarron Springs Road, Cimarron Springs Way, Cimarron Trail, Cimarron Vista Circle, Cimarron Vista Crescent, Cimarron Vista Gate, Cimarron Vista Way, Cimarron Way, Okotoks, Community Way, Crescent Road East, Okotoks, Crescent Road West,  Crystalridge Drive, Crystalridge Gate, Crystalridge Link, Crystalridge Place, Crystalridge Point, Crystalridge Rise,

Crystalridge Terrace, Crystalridge View, Crystalridge Way, Daggatt Street, Downey Bay, Downey Green, Downey Road, Drake Landing Close, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, Drake Landing Common, Drake Landing Court, Drake Landing Court, Drake Landing Cove, Drake Landing Crescent, Drake Landing Crest, Drake Landing Crest, Drake Landing Drive, Drake Landing Gate, Drake Landing Green, Drake Landing Heath, Drake Landing Lane, Drake Landing Loop, Drake Landing Manor, Drake Landing Mews, Drake Landing Mount, Drake Landing Place, Drake Landing Point, Drake Landing Road, Drake Landing Row, Drake Landing View, Drake Landing Way, Okotoks, Alberta Canada, Elizabeth Street, Elk Street, Elm Avenue, Elm Place, Elma Street East, Elma Street West, Fisher Crescent, Fisher Place, Fisher Place, Fisher Street, Glorond Place, Heritage Crescenttreet East, Crystal Green Bay,

Crystal Green Close, Crystal Green Court, Crystal Green Drive, Crystal Green Grove, Crystal Green Lane, Crystal Green Manor, Crystal Green Mews, Crystal Green Place, Crystal Green Point, Crystal Green Rise, Crystal Green Way, Crystal Ridge Court, Crystal Ridge Drive, Crystal Shores Bay, Crystal Shores Court, Crystal Shores Cove, Crystal Shores Crescent, Okotoks, Alberta, Crystal Shores Drive, Crystal Shores Grove, Crystal Shores Heights, Crystal Shores Hill, Crystal Shores Landing, Crystal Shores Lane, Crystal Shores Manor, Crystal Shores Mews, Crystal Shores Place, Crystal Shores Point, Okotoks, Alberta, Crystal Shores Road, Crystal Shores View, Crystalridge Bay, Crystalridge Close,Okotoks, Alberta, Crystalridge Court, Crystalridge Crescent,

Who is the best carpet cleaning company in Okotoks 2023?

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Service Before hiring a carpet cleaning service, a homeowner will want to ensure the company is in their area.
Oxy-genie only hires local professionals to clean, sanitize, and refresh your rugs, sofa, mattress, tile, and grout lines in Okotoks.
Scheduling: Oxy-Genie lets you get free estimates and set up cleaning appointments online, by email, or over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Truck-mounted steam cleaning is the best way to clean rugs.

Oxy-Genie employs Professionals who use steam cleaning to make your carpets shine. The hot water extraction method uses high-pressure water to penetrate the carpet fibres and dissolve dirt, stains and smells.
Is oxy-genie the best choice for Foothills Carpet Cleaning? Yes.

Best Okotoks Carpet Cleaning Service

Customer service is unparalleled in its field. It appears that we have new upholstery! My friends and family in Okotoks can be confident that I will enthusiastically recommend Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Services.

Javier Gutmann

Stockton Point, Okotoks Alberta

Best Okotoks Carpet Cleaner in Alberta