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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning In carpet cleaning Priddis, Foothills, Alberta

Carpet Cleaning Priddis, Pet stains and Odor removal

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Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Priddis, Alberta area.

Have you thought about the possibility of working with an experienced carpet cleaner in Priddis? Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning Priddis has all of the steam cleaning equipment and the knowledge necessary to handle any carpet cleaning tasks that our clients send our way, regardless of how large or small they may be. The Oxy-Genie team is committed to always providing a service that is reliable, quick, and done professionally.

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Upholstery Cleaning Services Priddis, Ab.

Our first-rate cleaning service comes at a reasonable price, so you can receive the benefits of cleaning your upholstery that you deserve without breaking the bank. Oxy-Genie has a staff of qualified specialists who, when called upon, use the expertise they have gained throughout their careers to tackle the task of cleaning upholstered furniture, mattresses, and sofas. It’s like this every time they’re needed. However, what sets apart our services from those of our professional cleaning industry rivals in Priddis, Alberta, is the care and consideration we offer to the specific requirements of every one of our clients.

Mattress Cleaning Services by Priddis Experts

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, the domestic mattress cleaning specialists at Oxy-Genie Mattress Experts in Priddis are aware of one thing for sure: any mattresses may contain urine or other bodily fluids from people, animals, or both. This is something that our professionals at Oxy-Genie Mattress Specialists in Priddis know to be the case. No matter how often you change your bed sheets or vacuum your mattress, it is hard to eliminate the dirt that accumulates on your bed due to regular usage. This is because removing all the dirt entirely from your bed is impossible.

Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Priddis

Pet Stain Removal in Priddis, Alberta

When it comes to family intimacy, our dogs and cats are on par with human children. We’re here to ensure that all pet owners’ homes are clean and safe for their pets. Oxy-Genie cleans your carpets in Priddis, Alberta, with organic, non-toxic cleaning products that are good for your dogs’ skin and the environment.This is due to our concern for their health. 

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Priddis Alberta, carpet cleaners

We had a great experience with Oxy-Genie carpet and upholstery cleaning in Priddis, Ken, steam We had a great experience with Oxy-Genie carpet and upholstery cleaning in Priddis, Ken, steam cleaning our carpets. His attention to detail was quite beneficial. Keni arrived on schedule at the job location. Thanks! We are pretty pleased with our rugs!our carpets. His attention to detail was quite beneficial. Keni arrived on schedule at the job location. Thanks! We are quite pleased with our carpets!

Nicole Greenfelder

186 Avenue West, Priddis

Carpet Cleaning Reviews

“Ken comes very highly recommended from us. He came through for us with the steam cleaning of our three bedrooms at our Priddis home on Hawk’s Landing Drive. The end outcome is so much better than we could have hoped for. In Priddis, Alberta, Oxy-genie Carpet Cleaners should be your first and only choice.”

Roel Mitchell

Millarville Landing, Millarviller, Ab.

Priddis Carpet Cleaning

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About Priddis, Hamlets in Alberta,

Priddis is a hamlet located in Foothills County, Alberta, in Canada. At a height of 1,160 meters, it is found amid the rolling hills at the base of the Canadian Rockies (3,810 feet). The hamlet may be found southwest of the crossroads where Cowboy Trail (Highway 22) and Highway 22X meet. This location is roughly 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) west of the city boundaries of Calgary. The hamlet may be found in Census Division No. 6 and the Macleod riding of the federal electoral district. Charles Priddis set up a farmstead near Fish Creek in 1886. This is where the name of the place comes from. Read More Here. Read More

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